Erana's Retreat
This page is dedicated to our favorite peace loving mage, Erana!

Erana was a great spell caster many years ago.  She went around the world creating
beautiful gardens and places of peace and protection.
Not many know where the mage went, for she disappeared from contact by wizards and mortals alike.
Erana had gone to Mordavia to help fight the Cult of Avoozl, a Dark One.  Dark Ones are demons from another plane of existance, and the Cult was trying to summon the most powerful one to Glorianna!
With the help of Piotyr the paladin and his army, Erana managed to stop the Dark One from being summoned, but at the cost of Erana's life.  Her spirit was caught with Avoozl in a world between worlds until she was freed by the Prince of Shapeir.
Now you have a chance to free her soul from Hades and marry her.  Here's some info on her to help you with your decision.

(Avoozl in all its majesty!)

In Spielburg she made Erana's Peace, falsely believed to be her final resting place.
Flowers from Erana's Peace are fresh year round, and are valued by healers and apothecaries for potion ingredients.
The tree grows many different types of fruit on it the whole year.  One will act as an entire meal for a person!
Monsters will avoid the garden, so it is one of the few places safe enough to sleep in at night.
There is a gift for magic users, if they can find it.

The Pool of Peace gives shelter to anyone on the East Fricanan plain wanting a cool drink of water or shade.
The water tastes like ginger ale, and it replenishes your stamina.  It also has magic properties used for potions.

In Mordavia, the land that needed her most, Erana created Erana's Garden, the most exotic garden yet.  An island is in the middle of the garden, surrounded by water tasting of strawberries that will cure poison.
A tree grows on the island, providing magic users a source of mana once a day.  There used to be a bush that grew many beautiful blossoms all year long, but it mysteriously vanished.  Now there is a bonsai bush where the old bush used to grow.
The entire garden is magical, protecting visitors from any danger of the forest, providing money to the needy, and giving the magic user a new spell if s/he can find it.  In my opinion the best garden yet, any traveler in Mordavia must rest here!

If you have saved Erana in Dragon Fire, she will build a garden on the island of Limnos east of Marete.  This is not only a garden, but Erana's new home, called Erana's Retreat.  A gigantic mushroom provides shelter for our wonderful wizard, complete with little mushroom stools to sit on.
Near the sea, the flora is protected by tall hedges surrounding the garden.  A faerie fountain sits in the middle of the area, but unlike normal fountains this one is beneficial.  It replenishes all of your health, stamina, and mana when you drink from it.
Here is where Erana will always be, so if you want to talk, learn new spells, or maybe pop the question, this is where you want to go!

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