Katrina's Castle
A page devoted to the best character in the QfG series: Katrina!

Katrina is the vampiric Dark Master heard of in Trial by Fire and Wages of War, and finally met in Shadows of Darkness.  She can also be in Dragon Fire if the hero chooses to resurrect her from Hades.  She is the most powerful dark wizard on Gloriana, thus earning the title Dark Master.  Eighty years ago the young wizard Ad Avis went to Silmaria to learn from the Dark Master, only to discover that it was a woman.  Ad Avis hated women intensely, and he challenged Katrina to a magical duel, which he lost.  She made him her slave for fifty years, then released him.

The Dark Master and her slave, Ad Avis.

Before he left, she put her mark on him, biting his throat.  When he died he would rise again as a vampire and be her slave.  She went to Mordavia and presented herself as a relative of the deceased Borgov line, the previous boyars of the valley.  Two years before the Prince of Shapeir's arrival, Katrina sent her servant, Toby, to lure the child Tanya to the castle, where she was turned into a vampire.  Katrina also summoned rainstorms to create a swamp and block the only pass from the valley to outsiders.  When the Prince of Shapeir killed Ad Avis, Katrina teleported his body to Mordavia, where he was revived as a vampire under her complete control.  Later, she and Ad Avis summoned the Prince of Shapeir to find the missing Dark One Rituals.  If the Dark One rose Shadows of Darkness would reach out across the land and she would never have to remain helpless in her coffin again!

The Prince discovers Katrina lying in her coffin.  To kill, or not to kill?

However, her summoning spell was interrupted by the dark magic from the Dark One's cave and the Prince arrived inside the caves.  Katrina decided to let the Prince make his way around the valley by himself, without her orders, so she disguised herself as a peasant girl when he emerged from the caves.  She wanted him to make friends with the villagers and be able to walk around in the daytime.

Katrina disguises herself as a peasant girl working in the castle to gain the Prince's trust.

After gaining the townspeople's respect, the Prince used Erana's staff to exchange Toby's life for Tanya's killing Toby but returning Tanya to a human girl.  Katrina was furious, but didn't do anything until the Prince arrived in her bed chambers.

This is Katrina's bed chamber in Castle Borgov.  Note the coffin and broken mirror.

While Katrina was coping with Tanya's loss, Ad Avis had tricked the hero into meeting him and had captured him.  The evil wizard left the Prince alone, hoping that the hero would find Katrina and kill her.  Luckily for the hero, he found Katrina but only woke her, unable to kill her while she was sleeping.  Katrina awoke, angry at the hero for finding her when she was so vulnerable.  She tortured him, and made him find the missing Dark One Rituals.

Whoa, Kat goes BDSM on the hero!  Whips and chains, whips and chains!

The Prince agreed to do so, lest he be turned into a vampire, and returned with them three days later.  Katrina and Ad Avis took the hero to the caves, the Dark One's altar, and made him summon Avoozl, the Dark One.  Just as the Prince finished the last ritual Ad Avis attacked him.  Enraged beyond rational thought, Katrina cast a spell at Ad Avis, harming him and breaking his vampiric slave bond.  Finally Ad Avis had the opportunity to gain revenge on the Dark Master and the hero who had killed him.  He started to cast a spell at the hero, but Katrina intercepted it to save the hero.  Avoozl was attracted by the spell and took Katrina's life essence.

Ad Avis casts Dragon Fire at the hero but Katrina blocks the spell...

...and Avoozl absorbs Katrina and the spell.

The Prince of Shapeir managed to defeat Ad Avis, and with the ghost of Erana's help banished Avoozl back to its own realm.
(The above is told in Shadows of Darkness)

The Prince, having finished his work in Mordavia, went to Silmaria.  There, he went to Hades and had the choice of resurrecting Katrina or Erana.  The following pictures show more of Katrina and her life, and will hopefully help you decide which woman (if either) you free from Hades.

In Shadows of Darkness Katrina lives in Castle Borgov.  She is "the Master" the gatekeeper tells you about.
You can visit her at the town gates every couple of days, and then she will invite you to meet her at the castle gates.  Eventually you will find Katrina in the castle.

If the Prince rescues Katrina from Hades she will build a new castle on the isle of Zante east of Marete.
Katrina will teach the wizard a new spell and will help any class fight the Dragon of Doom in the last battle.  She will marry a wizard or fighter.
Be warned, the former Dark Master isn't used to sunlight, so she had altered time near her castle, making all who approach arrive in the evening.

The magic gateway to Katrina's castle on the isle of Zante.  Katrina doesn't fully trust the hero so she won't  invite him in just yet...

Hmm, compare and contrast.  Kat has (unfortunately) gotten a makover in Dragon Fire.

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