The Armory

In Silmaria, Pholus the weapon smith will sell a variety of weapons and armor to those willing to pay.
He values warriors above all others, but he is willing to show his best work to those interested in the Rites of Rulership.
A few items are rare and therefor he only sells one of them, such as the dragon slayer sword and the wurmbane spear, so if you want to give one away you won't be able to buy another one.


Not truly weapons, rocks will still hurt creatures.  Throw rocks at enemies if you have used up your last dagger, or you lost your sword.  You can find rocks in front of the Correspondence School or by the archery board.

The standard weapon for thieves and wizards, the dagger is inexpensive and useful.  You can buy many and practice throwing with them, since you can afford to loose them.

The next step up, a magic dagger is especially helpful to the sneaky thief.  Shakra will also sell magic daggers.

The slasher dagger is the best normal dagger, imbibed with deadly magic to aid it in releasing the blood of your enemies.

The most dangerous weapon, dagger or no, you can only find poisoned daggers on assassins and their masters.  After one use the poison will be gone and it will turn into a regular dagger.

The throwing spear can be thrown, as its name suggests, and equipped, and can be found in abundance at the weapon shop and the General's fortress later on in the game.

The spear hardly does any more damage than the throwing spear, and can only be equipped.  It is the standard weapon of the Silmarian guards.

The barbed spear is only found in the Magnum game.  It can only be thrown but it doesn't do much damage.

A magic spear is sturdier than the other two kinds, strong enough to pry things open without breaking.

The Wurmbane spear gives out extra damage to dragons and their relatives.  The preferred spear by nine out of ten warriors.

Tridents are used by the Sea People of Atlantis, so the only way you'll see one is by killing a triton.

The staff is the prefered weapon of wizards.  The only staff in Silmaria is a magic staff made when the wizard finds magical wood.  Staves can be summoned by the summon staff spell and disappear when dropped or the wizard goes to sleep or runs out of mana.

The fine axe is heavier than other weapons, but it does more damage than the normal sword or spear.

The magic axe can be found in one of the fishing villages or on General Claudius.  I think it looks pretty cool, too bad it doesn't deal out a lot of damage.

You can only get one of these the entire game, and it isn't for you.  Minotaur axes are too heavy for humans to fight with, only minotaurs can use them properly.  Once you have it, you'll want to give it to someone who can use it.

Swords are the basic weapon for fighters.  In Dragon Fire, though, swords are at the bottom of the line.

Elsa uses a magic sword (unless you give her something else to use).  There is more than one of them so you can purchase one, too.

The ice diamond sword is cold and deadly, dishing out extra damage to fire based creatures.

The dragon slayer sword is the penultimate of swords for warriors, plus it makes a nice gift.  If you have another weapon ready, give this one away to a friend, they'll love it!  The dragon slayer does just that, slays dragons.  It gives a bonus against fighting dragons.

Mirroring the purity of the paladin's soul, the paladin sword burns with a blue flame.  Only available to paladins, a paladin sword can't be sold for extra cash.  The paladin will start out with his paladin sword, gotten from the grave of the paladin Piotyr in Mordavia.

The bow is only available to Elsa, so don't try looking for it.  You can hex edit one in or if you play the Elsa game she will start out with one.  You need arrows to use the bow.  Equip the bow, click on the arrows and click where you want them to be shot.

The magic bow is also only available to Elsa.  She will find the bow in the hydra's cave after you defeat it and take it.  There's nothing you can do, unless you hex edit it in or you play as Elsa.  In the Elsa game you will find the magic bow in the chest in the hydra's cave.

Arrows are the ammunition used by bows.  Since you can't get bows you might as well sell the arrows to Pholus.

Arrowheads can be sold back to Pholus for money, though not much.  These things are hard to find, one might say impossible except for a little thing called a hex-editor.  ;)

Spearheads are found on monsters and can be sold for money.  No other use for them has been found.


The thief starts out with leather armor, and wizards should buy some since it doesn't impede their spell casting.  Fighters and paladins already have better armor to wear.

Magic leather armor is the best armor for thieves and wizards.  It doesn't make noises for delicate robberies, but it is strong enough to ward off most blows.

The fighter and paladin starts off with chain mail armor.  Good for resisting attacks, it isn't for wizards and thieves due to its weight.  Magic can't be performed as well with it on and agility is hampered.

The fighter will want to buy magic chain armor from Pholus for points.  Although you can find it in the hydra cave, you will not get points unless you buy it from the weapon smith.  Paladins don't get points for it so they don't need to buy it, they will find it in the chest on hydra island.

Wear a helm to protect your fighter or paladin from getting his head split open.

Magic helms are easy to find.  Pholus will sell them, the hydra cave has one, and fighters and paladins can get them as a gift from someone.

Shields are heavy, so if you are carrying a lot around, sell them or put them in your chest at the inn.  Their weight will sap a hero's stamina quickly.

The ornate shield is only in the Magnum game.

Only thieves and paladins can find magic shields.  The paladin starts out with Piotyr's shield and the thieves will find the shield in one of his many excursions.

The general's shield is the object of the Rite of Conquest.  You must find General Claudius and return with his shield.  You can either sell the shield or use it after the rite is over with.