Becoming a Paladin
In Trial by Fire and Wages of War the hero has a chance to become a paladin, the most honorable hero class possible.  The paladin is basically a fighter who has special abilities gained through doing honorable deeds.  These abilities help the paladin in his quest to balance the Essential Righteousness of the Universe.  No deed is too small, no task too big for the paladin, for though s/he may not be able to do something, s/he will die trying.  In Trial by Fire the hero meets Rakeesh, the only liontaur paladin, who teaches him about honor and the Paladin Way:
To seek
To learn
To do
Rakeesh will make the hero a paladin if he acts honorably enough.  In order to become a paladin, the hero must do only honorable deeds at all times, earn at least 75 honor points and 25 paladin points.  To get these points, the hero must act like a paladin: give to the needy (more than once!), show mercy, act with compassion, defend the innocent, and be polite to everyone.

Some acts the paladin-to-be should do in Shapeir:
Never disturb the griffin.  Don't fight it, and get its feather without waking it up.
Always be polite to Aziza, greeting her, saying yes to her questions and thanking her, saying goodbye.
Give Uhura and Shema flowers.
Give the beggar money as many times as you can.  (So you don't go broke)
Find Omar's purse in the Fountain Plaza day 7 and return it to him with all its money intact.
Don't steal, or break into any houses.
And of course, dont spy on Zayishah changing with the magic glasses. ;)

As a magic user:
Cast calm in the Raseirian Palace to get rid of Khaveen.

As a fighter:
Return Rakeesh's sword (to Uhura) without being reminded.
Spare the EOF opponenet's life.
Let Khaveen get his sword when he drops it.

If you do this (and don't do any bad things) you should be named a paladin by Rakeesh in the ending ceremony.
Thieves can be made paladins, but they can't steal, and that takes away the whole point of being a thief.

In Tarna, only the fighter has a chance of becoming a paladin.  The fighter needs to have 100 honor points (very easy)
and do the following deeds:
The same rules apply, don't steal at all, always say hello and goodbye to people
Free Manu the monkey from a trap in the second jungle screen
Give the drummer money
Agree to meet Harami and give him food
Help Yesufu get out of the trap during the initiation

Return the Spear of Death and Drum of Magic to their rightful owners
Defend Rakeesh in front of Rajah and don't make Rajah angry (or kick you out)
Don't flirt with the Welcome Woman

After returning the Simbani Spear of Death and before the Peace Conference, Rakeesh will take you to Kreesha's house and give you his sword.  The difficult part is that you need to gain honor to use paladin skills, and you can only gain enough honor to make your sword flame near the end.

In Shadows of Darkness you will have a paladin "mentor" but he is not able to make new paladins.
Rakeesh will return in Dragon Fire, but he won't make anyone a paladin.

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