Characters from Quest for Glory I: So You Want to be a Hero?
These pictures are taken from the VGA remake version of the game.
People are arranged in the order you meet them (in a typical game).
If there's someone not here, e-mail me so I can laugh at you for thinking I even remotely care.
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Sheriff Schultz Meistersson is the first person you meet during your stay in Spielburg.  He and his assistant, Otto, keep the peace in the town.  (Actually they sit around all day looking busy, but that's our little secret, right?)

 Otto von Goon is the sheriff's goon, er, assistant.  Gentler than the normal goon, Otto is housebroken 
and has been trained not to kill prisoners he captures.  Try not to get caught between him and a dead end.

Shameen is the owner of the Hero's Tale Inn.  He and his wife, Shema, are from the desert land of Shapeir, but they were forced to stay in the valley when their fortunes were stolen in a brigand ambush.  Their friend Abdulla was hurt even more by the raid than they were.  The inn is a safe place to stay the night, though a bit on the expensive side for our hard up hero.  You can also get food and drinks.

 Shema runs the kitchen of the Hero's Tale Inn.  She will provide you with nourishing meals 
and drinks, and if she were happy she could provide entertainment by dancing, but alas, poor Sheema is homesick and cannot dance until she is back in Shapeir.

Abdulla Doo is the unlucky friend of Shema and Shameen.  He was bringing the katta's treasure to the city when he was attacked by the brigands.  He has some valuable information on the brigand leader and warlock, if you can get him to stop pitying himself long enough to answer your questions.  He is staying at the Hero's Tale Inn and is in the common room in the evenings. 

 Zara is the owner of the magic shop and a sorceress.  She sells magic scrolls and potions to 
the would  be magic user (or anyone with magic).  Though haughty, she can provide some mystical knowledge of the valley and the magic it contains.

Damiano is Zara's familiar.  He won't speak to humans; he and Zara hold a psychic bond that allows them to communicate.

 This little old lady sleeps all day and night.  Nothing you can do can wake her.  Well, unless you break into her 
house and make lots of noise.

Wolfgang Abenteuer is the Guild Master of Spielburg's Adventurer's Guild.  He has lots of great stories to tell about the good ol' days when he and Schultz would ride around killing things.  Now all he does is sleep.

 Hilde Pferdefedern sells fruits and vegetables from her father's farm.  Young and pretty, this filly will  reject your flirtations.  Her excuse: "too young". ;p

Kaspar runs the Dry Goods Store next to the Farmer's Mart.  His head is normally buried in a book so you'll have to get his attention.  He sells rations, flasks, daggers, and upgrade armor.  He also carries some less appealing things such as pickled pig's feet that adventurers like yourself don't need (or want).

 Poor Sam is forced to beg for his food in the alleyway.  A good adventurer would give him 
some alms (hint hint).  He might just have some information about the thieves and brigands that will be helpful (and some clues as to future sequels).

This rather unsavory fellow goes by the name Slink.  He and his partner Sneak work the alley at night.  You'd be wise to avoid the place unless you want to get yourself in trouble or have something in common with the thief.

 The bartender of the Aces and Eights Tavern isn't a very talkative person.  He just wants to sell 
you something to drink, preferably Dragon's Breath.  He'll also sell you some Troll's Sweat or regular ale.  Go on, drink the Dragon's Breath.  It's probably just a coincidence that everyone tells you not to drink it...

Butch Beefmesiter is the town butcher.  Since the valley closed up he hasn't been able to get any supplies, so he has nothing to sell.  Instead, he plays go fish with the baker.

 Silas Sourdough plays go fish with the butcher since he doesn't have anything to sell at the bakery. 

The barber looks like he could use a drink.  Or maybe he's had too many.  Hmmm...

 Crusher is the other goon in Spielburg.  He isn't tame like Otto, though, so be careful not to make him mad!  What's he standing on?  A trapdoor?

Uh-oh, looks like the sheriff isn't doing his job!  This is the Chief Thief of a thriving Thieves' Guild.  The best of the best, thieving adventurers can only hope to someday reach his status.  If you find him, you can play Dag-Nab-It with him for money.  You'd better practice beforehand unless you enjoy loosing money. 

Boris is the Thieves' Guild fence.  He's the one to see if you want to get a license or lock picks, or if you have loot 
to pawn off.

You will sometimes see Bruno by the city gates, flipping daggers.  He'll give you some information- for a price.  Something about him makes you uneasy.  Maybe it's the way he glares at you when tossing his sharp daggers.

 Amelia Applebury is a sweet, motherly woman.  She and her pet pterosaur, Pterry, live 
between  the  city  and the castle.  She's willing to sell you potions for a better price than Zara, plus she can make the infamous dispel potion once you learn what ingredients it needs.

I don't know about you, but I think Karl the gatekeeper looks like a dog.  He's not, but he sure looks like one.  Karl is the biggest gossip; he'll tell you most things you need to know about Baba Yaga and her curse on the Baron's family.  He also lets you into the castle grounds. 

 The Weapon Master is one of the many arrogant people you'll meet in your travels.  Unfortunately you just have to deal with them.  You can start with the Weapon Master.  He is good with the sword, so fighters would benefit from taking lessons from him.  Heck, you might even beat him!  That'll pay him back for his attitude!

This lazy guard lounges around the barracks, keeping you from nosing about.  You can't really talk to him, so there's no point in trying.

 The Stable Master offers you a job cleaning the stables (wow!).  Hey, it's an easy way to get five silvers and a  free place to spend the night.

Frederick is one of the two guards guarding the castle during the day.

Pierre is the other castle guard.  Don't mention his bald spot! 

Baron Stephan von Spielburg was once a happy man.  That was before he angered Baba Yaga and had a curse put on him.  Since then he's lost his daughter, his son, and his control over the valley.  Elsa was carried over the castle walls by a flying beast ten years ago, and Barnard disappeared in the forest five years ago.  Most of the baronial guards died trying to make Baba Yaga leave, so the brigands were able to set up base without being hunted down.  It's up to you to end the curse and make the Baron a whole man again!

Heinrich Pferdefedern is one of the only farmers brave enough to venture past the town walls these  days.   The other farmers have good reason not to: Heinrich was injured by the brigands during the winter, but the leader ordered the brigands to take the centaur to the healer's hut.  It was only through the kindness of the leader that Heinrich survived.

Little is known about the talking fox, other than that he rewards kind adventurers with good advice.

 Brauggi is a frost giant far from home.  His larders are empty so he went south in search 
of food.  Give him some and he'll give you something in return.

It's 'Enry the 'Ermit!  I mean, Henry the Hermit!  Henry lives by himself because he doesn't like to talk or listen to others talk or give long stories about his friends Erasmus the wizard and his funny little rat, Fenrus, or the brigand warlock who laughs a lot or long speeches about his lineage or information about the magic mirror he lost or magic scrolls or the Flying Falls.  Whew!  If you can get a word in edgewise, you can ask Henry for a night's rest in exchange for some rations and a game of cribbage.

 A meep!  These cute furry guys can give you a couple of helpful things if you ask nicely.  They'll  even call you boss for no extra charge!

The Dryad is protector of the forest and is interested in keeping it healthy.  If you are one with the forest you can help her and she can help you.  She'll give you the ingredients for your first dispel potion after you do a chore for her.  Aw, come on, it's only a small one!

 The gargoyle keeps Erasmus' unwanted visitors away.  You have to answer his stupid questions  each time you reach him.  Of course, that's assuming you're able to climb Mount Zauberberg without collapsing from exhaustion first.

Erasmus is the kindly yet quirky wizard of Spielburg.  If you manage to climb his mountain and get past the gargoyle, you're good to go.  As long as you don't touch anything in his house or get him angry.  Magic users can play Mage's Maze with him to learn a spell he made, or just talk to him about Baba Yaga and the counter curse.

 Erasmus is Fenrus' familiar.  Or is it the other way around?  Familiar is Fenrus' Erasmus?  This 
rat gives witty (or at least not witless) remarks to Erasmus' corny jokes, a valuable thing.

Yeach!  A skull!  Oh, wait, it's only Bonehead, Baba Yaga's chief guard.  If you wanna talk to Baba (and all good adventurers want to) you'll have to get by him first.  So be nice.  :)  Do him a favor and he'll let you in.

 It's Baba Yaga, the whole reason the valley is cursed!  She a powerful spell casting 
ogress (some say  she's cannibalistic, though we all know she only eats humans).  Stay on her good side for as long as possible or she'll have hero sandwich for dinner.  Believe it or not, you can actually do her a favor for her before you try to defeat her!

The Baronet is a selfish, spoiled noble who probably deserves whatever happened to him.  And you get to rescue him.  Don't you feel like a chump?

 Brutus is a brigand.  Bad Brutus, bad!  He's in a plot the overthrow the current brigand leader.  Hmm, some useful information, eh?  Better listen to what he says when you meet him.

Yorick is the missing court jester who vowed to find Elsa and return her home.  He hasn't brought her back yet, but he's found her!  If you gain his trust you can get some hints about the missing girl.

 Elsa von Spielburg has been missing for ten years and a lot has changed since then. 
No longer a young noblewoman, she is...well, I won't give it away, you'll have to find out for yourself.

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