Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire People
People are arranged in the order you meet them (in a typical game).
If there's someone not here, e-mail me so I can laugh at you for thinking I even remotely care.
There are no facial shots since the game doesn't give them, and I'm not about to make my own pics,
so these shots will have to do!

Shema and her husband Shameen have brought you to Shapeir with their regained treasure from the brigands.  Some evenings she'll dance for the inn, a sight you can't miss! 

 Shameen runs the Katta's Tail Inn in the Gate Plaza of Shapeir.  He greets visitors day or evening and can 
give some information about the city.  Your room is free since you returned his treasure to him.

Abdulla Doo is back and sillier than before!  Never before has so much pride and laziness been stuffed into so small a man.  Wait, no... Never has so little been stuffed into so big a man... Aw, heck, Abdulla likes eating and telling stories, usually on important days.  His advice is actually useful sometimes, so it's best to listen to him.

 Ja'far is the poet Omar's translator.  Omar doesn't speak a foreign language (that is to say, he might but that's not 
why he requires the assistance of a translator), Omar speaks in poetry, and his loyal friend Ja'far gives the words in prose.

The poet Omar is renowned for the beauty and wisdom his words convey.  He and Ja'far go around the city spreading thoughts of heroic actions and peace.  They will be found in the plazas some days; occasionally they will grace the Katta's Tail Inn during the evening. 

Hey-a, it's Ali Chica!  He really wants to sell something to you, he's so eager he screams across the  Gates Plaza.  Luckily he leaves after the first few days.  If you want a map and compass (not to mention lovely but worthless mementos) his booth is the place to shop!

Lisha is a katta who sells flowers.  Her flowers are things of beauty in the desert land of Shapeir.  Womyn enjoy these simple gifts; honorable heroes will buy many of these as tokens of friendship. 

Sitar and his snake sit outside during the day, hoping to get some money by entertaining tourists.  Those 
aspiring to  become paladins (or just plain good heroes) should donate to the Sitar Foundation.  He can be found (sans snake) at night in the Katta's Tail Inn.

This unnamed character can be found wandering the alleys of Shapeir on Day 3 (if Silly Clowns are turned on).  He is suspected to be a friend of Ali Chica and Ali Fakir.  Could it be Ali Harpa? 

Ah, who could forget these forgettable faces?  So untalkative, so nondescriptive, so- wait, who is this? 

Another townsperson you'll see in the plazas and streets of Shapeir. 


Oh, a female this time! 

Toshur is the katta pot seller (no, he's not a drug dealer!)  A word of advice: you don't need 
anything from him; he's there for the atmosphere.

Sloree and Scoree sell lizard jerky and saurus-on-a-stick to anyone hungry enough.  Their names are based off of Lori and Cory Cole, the creators of the series.

Harik Attar is Shapeir's local apothecary and fire fanatic.  If you want to learn more about fire, talk to him, or go to  your public library and ask a librarian to get the following books: Fire Burn: A Pyromaniac's Guide to Flame, Return of the Red Hot Lover, and AH! I'm on Fire!

Tashtari is the brass merchant, he sells lamps and other metal works in the Fountain Plaza.

 Saba likes telling you about her family, including her husband, Tasman, and her three children who 
help her make the useless baskets she sells.

Lasham sells plants near the magic shop.  You can get dirt from the potted plants, or from the magic shop; either way go to this area for throwing earth.

It's the gnome himself, Keapon Laffin!  It turns out the magic shop owner is a cousin of someone from your  past!  He shares his cousin's sense of humor, rhyming ridiculous riddles and telling tangled tongue-twisters.  He is the resident expert on air magic, so if you ever need to talk, he's ready to listen.

Shihhad has lived a hard life.  Begging on the streets is never easy, but when the streets are in a desert in the middle of summer it's even harder.  Give him some money; you know you want to. 

Tiram sells carpets in the Palace Plaza.  He doesn't have any magic ones, so there's no point 
in you trying to buy one.  He himself refuses to sell you one for fear of Shema's wrath.  You know how katta can get...rrrr.

Shashanan pawns VERY expensive jewels.  You can buy one if you have the dough, but I suggest you just wait...  A better deal may arrive. 

Shapeirian guards are noted for their bravery, prowess in battle, and loyalty to the city and its ruler.  They are posted
in front of the palace, the city gates, and can be found patroling everywhere (sometimes inconviniently at night).  Simba's father is a guard of Shapeir!  Could it be Uns al-Wujud, the day gate guard, or Abdallah bin Tahir, the night gate guard?  Or one of the many palace guards?  It is but one of the many mysteries of the desert.

  Abu al-Njun is an astrologer, a rare thing in Glorianna.  He will predict your future if you tell him about yourself and give him time to consult the stars.  It is said that even the Sultan himself, May He Live Forever!, listens to the astrologer's advice! 

Mirak sells everything leather.  Waterskins... waterskin holders... okay, he sells waterskins.  A must for 
the desert traveller, in fact, two wouldn't be amiss.

Kiram the clothes merchant has many fine outfits for sale, but then heroes don't wear fine outfits, do they?  A change of clothes maybe... 

Ali the Agile wants to show that he's the best tightrope walker by challenging anyone who dares climb the 
rope.  Thieves will get good practice with their acrobatic skills here, though any class can try their luck.  A true test is when the air elemental comes and makes the rope sway dangerously.

Rakeesh is the only liontaur in Shapeir, and the only paladin.  In fact, he's the only liontaur paladin!  Liontaurs come from Tarna (hmm, why does that sound familiar) and Rakeesh has come to help defeat the Darkness in Raseir.  Unfortunately, his leg was crippled by a demon wizard, so the most he can do is give advice to any newbie heroes.  He's usually found in or near the Guild Hall.  If one wishes to become a paladin, he's the one to talk to. 

Uhura and her child, Simba, are from the Simbani people in Tarna.  In her tribe, Uhura can't be both a woman  (mother) and a warrior, so she went to Shapeir to be both.  She's the Guildmaster, so it appears Shapeir is more accepting than the Simbani.  She is willing to combat heroes in need of practice and has knowledge of the desert monsters.

Issur is the most annoying person I've ever met-except for the Swordmaster and Bernard.  I think it's a pattern with fighters and arrogance.  Anyway, Issur will sell you daggers, a new sword, and chainmail armor, though he doesn't like bargaining!  He also has a useful bellows that he's not willing to give up.  Great.

Franc is Dinarzad's own, and does not speak.  So says Franc's master, the moneychanger.  Don't mess with him,  the mute is extremely loyal and will prevent any robberies.

Dinarzad is the moneychanger and Thieves' Guild for Shapeir.  Shh, don't tell!  Finding he is a challenge, since you have to exchange your money before you can buy a map to help you find her!  She is a notorious flirt, and her silver tongue gets the better of many travelers.  Don't exchange all of your money at once-exchange in tens, otherwise her exchange rate will take away serious amounts of money!

Aziza the Enchantress is a powerful spell-caster, not to be messed with.  Always be on your best manners around  her, say please and thank you, and never, under any circumstance, make her angry!  Her speciality is water, but her spells haven't been much aid in discovering what plagues Raseir.  She is a very good source of information for the elementals.

Ali Fakir is a sly saurus salesman.  He appears on day 2 to sell you your very own riding saurus, and leaves as soon as he does so.  If your communication skill is high enough you can bargain the saurus down to almost nothing!

Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Heart!  Wait no, I mean Pizza!  Strangely, the Pizza wizard is missing 
from this group of distinguished wizards.  These guys are the ones in charge of the Wizard's Institue of Technocery, the place where the magic users are separated from the wizards.  Magic users should come here to become a wizard, and to learn a spell.

Erasmus is back!  Well, kinda.  He is in WIT, and you can choose him to be your sponsor.  He'll give you a spell if you pass the tests and prove yourself a hero. 

The dervish lives by the only oasis in the desert (or the only one we know of).  He spews out wise insights to  anything  you ask him.  His beard can be used for magical rituals.

Al Scurva usd to be Ad Avis' apprentice.  Now, he's locked up in a cage in the sweltering desert.  Of course, he isn't recognizable at first.  Help him and get some advice.  Who would know about Ad Avis better than his ex-apprentice?

Walid is a guard and a member of EOF, the Eternal Order of Fighters.  To be initiated into the Order, you have  to  fight Walid.  You get a higher ranking if you kill him, but someone wanting to become a paladin shouldn't do that, should they?

Ah!  Khaveen, the first of the evil triumverate ruling Raseir!  He's the Captain of the Guard, and he greets every "visitor" to Raseir with a smile and a warning.  Okay, maybe not a smile.  Don't get on his bad side or you'll be in the dungeons faster than you can say hutzpah.

The guards of Raseir are about as friendly as their leader. They're basically there to enfore the laws on the people  stupid enough to have stayed in the city.  While not the best fighters, in a gang they can quickly overpower one person, so don't try freeing the city by defeating its guards.

Wilmer the barkeep is one of Ferrari's many henchmen.  He doesn't like hearing his boss being direspected, so be nice. 

Ugh, Signor Ferrari.  This unsavory man is the Thieves' Guild in Raseir, almost a Godfather type 
of person.  He knows everything that goes on in Raseir, but that doesn't mean he's willing to share his knowledge.  Thieves will be of special interest to him, since they can help him find the blackbird.  Ferrari is a very dangerous person to cross, so unless you like daggers sticking out of your back, don't try to force justice on him.

Ugarte is another one of Ferrari's contacts.  He sells information for the right price.  He also smuggles water, a dangerous thing to do in Raseir.  If he isn't careful he'll wind up in trouble with the law. 

Mayzun is Zayishah's slave, but before there was slavery in Raseir she was  Zayishah's maidservant.  She will try 
to protect her mistress from any threat, but there are some things she can't do, like stop Khaven from marrying her lady.  That's why she wants you to help.  Thieves will also meet her later on in the game.

The Lady Zayishah is Emir Arus' daughter, neice to the rightful Emir, Ali.  She is being forced to marry Khaveen, and she wants you to help her escape to Shapeir before the wedding.  Help her and get something valuable in return, as well as the favor of all womyn of Raseir (not that there are many, but still...)

Sharaf is the sole remaining katta in Raseir, choosing to stay and liberate the city.  He is currently staying at the  lovely Raseirian Dungeons Suite 206, but he soon hopes to relocate- specifically to the palace.  He's the head of the Raseirian Underground Movement, designed to get rid of all those pesky Evil Wizard™s and Evil Captain of the Guard™s and bring back the peaceful reign of the right emir.

Ah, Ad Avis, the second of the evil triumverate ruling the city!  He's the main man in charge, the other two "leaders" are his puppets.  He is VERY sneaky so when you meet him you'd better be wary; who knows, he might try to put a spell on you!

The Djinni of the Ring, a silly fellow, was left in the ring to guard the statue of Iblis from any who tried to  steal it.  He doesn't seem to be doing too well at his job since when you meet him the statue is already gone.  He is helpful, though.  He'll give you three wishes: the first two can be to have any attribute raised, or your health returned, and the third, well, I'll just say it's a change of location.  (For the first 2 wishes I recommend either learning a new skill or increasing a main skill of your character class.)

The eunuchs Abu, Barli, and Hajib guard the womyn's quarter of the palace.  If you want to get to the harem, you'll need to make sure you don't get caught by these guys or you'll be in it deep! 

This is the harem: the entire female population of Raseir.  All womyn are kept under close guard by eunuchs to keep them pure (though that doesn't seem to have helped Nawar).  Only a thief will enter here; that's reason enough to play as a thief! ;)  In order from left to right, the womyn are: Kahla, Layla, Sulayma, Ruzhat, Dunya, Budar, and Nawar.  Mayzun is the one standing up.  (Note: two of the womyn are mysteriously unnamed.  One is suspected to be Periezade, the new Guild Master in Shapeir.  If you have any idea on who the last wommon is, please e-mail me.)

Little is known about the Emir Ali al-Din Hasan, other than the fact that he is the current Emir of Raseir since the disappearance of his brother a year ago.  He's the last of the evil triumverate, ironically the one with little to no power at all.  He's also the father of Zayishah. 

The Emir Arus al-Din disappeared one year ago.  No one knows where he went- Aziza's spells can't locate 
him, searches have found nothing.  His brother and the royal vizier, Ad Avis, are suspected, but no proof has been found.

The Sultan Harun al-Rashid (May He Live Forever!) is a wise ruler of Shapeir.  He governs his people fairly and everyone likes him.  It is rumored that he goes out into the city disguised, to listen to his people.  He rewards those who help the community well.

Last but certainly not least, Iblis the Destroyer!  One thousand and one years ago Iblis tried to conquer the world, calling on all evil djinnis to help him.  He created the Forbidden City near Raseir as his headquarters.  The Magician-King Suleiman Ben Daoud called on all the good djinnis and after a furious battle Iblis' army was defeated.  Iblis was trapped in the Forbidden City in the form of a statue, and the Djinni of the Ring was placed near him to prevent the efreet ever being released again.  A prophecy says that every thousand and one years Iblis will be able to be freed.

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