Characters from Quest for Glory III: Wages of War

People are arranged in the order you meet them (in a typical game). If there's someone not here, e-mail me so I can laugh at you for thinking I even remotely care. Check to make sure that the person you're thinking of isn't in the monster section, first, though, since I'm not overlapping.

The sorceress Aziza is in Shapeir, where you start the game. She sends you, Rakeesh, and Uhura and Simba back to your friends' homeland of Tarna.

Rakeesh is a liontaur you met in QfG2. He was summoned by the Sultan to rid the land of dark magic, but his injuries from a demon war long ago prevented him from aiding the land much. He is a paladin (the only one you know as of now) and can make you a paladin at the end of QfG2. He is your good friend and wants to go home, where rumors talk of demons returning.

Ad Avis, the evil wizard you killed in the last game. His body was never found. However, he was killed, for when he died the nagical energies within him escaped and caused a portal to open in Fricana, allowing demons to enter our world.

The sultan is the ruler of Shapeir, and at the end of the last game, he adopted you as the Prince of Shapeir as a reward for saving the land. He is very wise and listens to his subjects' words. He will miss you when you leave for Tarna.

Uhura was the guild master in Shapeir, but now she wants to take her baby, Simba, back to her homeland in Fricana. She is a woman and a warrior, but in her homeland she can't be both, so she left. Now she is still a fighter but also has a child.

Simba is Uhura's baby. His father is in the Shapeirian guard.

Kreesha is the Mother of Magic for Tarna, ie she is the female who sits on the Council and represents the interests of magic users. The Council has six female liontaurs on it and rules the city along with the king. She is also Rakeesh's wife, and the mother of Shakra (QfG5) and Reeshaka.

Salim Nafs has set up shop in Tarna as an apothecary. He can make healing, mana, and poison cure pills and a dispel potion, if you give him the right ingredients.

Janna Jamil, the welcome woman for Tarna's only inn that accepts non-liontaurs. She acts as host and waitress and will flirt if you allow it.

Khatib Mukar’ram, the only survivor of the Tarnan peace mission, is a haunted man. He was once a skilled diplomat, but after the night attack and death of his comrades, he has gone partially insane. He sometimes visits the inn.

Pop (An Forda) is the proprietor of the junk stand in the bazaar. Don't trust all of his gimmicks, he isn't very trustworthy.

This is Pop's son; he helps his father sell junk, but is more honest than his old man.

Ta'me al 'Asal sells honey in the bazaar. His personality matches his wares, like most of the merchants in the bazaar. He talks about the honey bird and how to capture one, helpful knowledge later on.

Fanaka Kisu is the weapon seller. Remember him, he's the only nice man who deals with weapons in the entire series. He has a wide range of things to choose from, but of course you can only buy a few things.

Zaituni bin Duhn is the greasy oil merchant. Only thieves need to buy his oil.

Dahab Khalis is originally from Raseir, but fled when Ad Avis came to power. Now he exchanges money in Tarna. He'll be happy to hear news of his home.

Harami is a thief whom you caught and turned in. Now, by Tarna's laws, he cannot talk to anyone and is starving away. Just as you got him in this mess, you should get him out of it. His friendship will be valuable later on.

The leather seller doesn't give his name, or many other words for that matter. He just wants to sell his skins and be left alone.

Samra bin Balah is a happy fruit merchant. (No puns, please) While you don't truly need fruit, it makes a nice change from trail rations once in a while.

Bibi the bead merchant is sooo cool! I want to be just like her when I grow up! (Well, not really, She has three teeth, can't speak common, and isn't completely there, if you know what I mean)

The fish seller is a great source of useless gossip about his sister, though sometimes he accidently adds something worthwhile into his conversation.

Rashid's rope can withstand a dragon's flame and an elephant's pull. He can teach the hero some acrobatics and maybe other skills if the hero is sneaky.

Shallah is Shema's nephew whom you have a letter for. He longs to talk about Shapeir, and is willing to listen to your stories.

Kalb sells meat (I think) and will give you any rumors you wish. His meat is the cheapest food you can buy, and for good reason. He actually has a song for what he sells.

The amulet seller doesn't seem to be getting much business. Maybe that's because he sells worthless crap! Maybe...

The cloth seller doesn't speak to men much, as is customary in her culture. She will sell you things, however, though she's a hard bargainer.

Orpheus plays his drums for the enjoyment of everyone in the bazaar.

This is one of the Council members of Tarna. She and the other five liontaurs make laws and act as judges.

The Warrior sits on the Council and voices the soldiers' opinions. Needless to say, she is for the war against the Leopardmen.

The Priestess of Sekhmet guards her temple jealuosly, permitting no humans to enter. She also sits on the Council as the religious voice of the people.

King Rajah is Rakeesh'a brother. he inherited the throne when Rakeesh stepped down to become a paladin. He isn't as even headeed as his older brother, unfortunately, and is convinced that a war between Tarna and the leopardmen is necessary.

Tabaka sim Rish guards the King's Chambers during the day. He is friendly to humans and will tell you about the government of Tarna. His fellow guard isn't quite as nice.

Sharaka sim Rahsh guards the gate to Tarna during the day. He will hold a conversation between you and his fellow guard.

Assarka sim Narsh is the other guard during the day. He and Sharaka will talk to you about many things.

Tasaka ser Ranna guards the government chambers at night. He tells you the same things as Tabaka, and like his daytime counterpart, is the only guard there who will talk to you.

Daraka sim Ki guards the gates of Tarna at night.

Girka sim Dani guards Tarna at night with Daraka. They will talk to you if you wish.

Sekhmet is the patron god of the liontaurs. She watches over her people and her temple is the highest point of the city. She is concerned with the fate of her city and therefore judges you after you complete a task for her.

Mzee Mngoje greets visitors to the Simbani village during the day. He is a source of information about the savanna and the Simbani, and keeps you up to date on events.

The laibon is the ruler of the Simbani and Uhura's brother. He wants the Spear of Death back or his people will go to war with who he thinks stole the spear, the Leopardmen. You need to convince him that violence isn't the answer (not easy for a warrior people)

Yesufu is the Laibon's son and next in line to lead the Simbani. You can befriend him and give him advice on things. He proves to be a valuable ally later on.

The storyteller's tales have deeper meaning than they appear. Sometimes you can meet with him privately, sometimes you regales the entire village with a fable.

Usiku watches over the village at night. He can tell you about the plains and the Simbani.

Arne Saknoosen is an advaark and loves to dig. If you camp out on the savanna, chances are you'll meet up with him. He has a lot to say and is a good source of information.

The guardian of the Tree of Life will give you what you ask for, but don't be greedy. It/they is/are very powerful and is more than a match for you.

Manu is a little monkey you find in the jungle. He's just what you would expect of a talking monkey-playful and too damn cute. He is loyal to you, however, and is a good friend.

Johari is the daughter of the Leopardman leader and is captured by the Simbani. She is a key figure in your diplomatic actions, so be nice to her.

The leader of the Leopardmen respects magic and only magic. Notice how outsiders aren't on his list of 'things to respect?' You need to get on his good side somehow to end the war.

The Shaman is the most powerful magic user in the tribe. He will challenge the wizard to a magic duel for the admiration of the tribe.

Reeshaka dim Kreesha is Rakeesh and Kreesha's daughter. She was on the peace mission to the Leopardmen and disappeared when it was ambushed. No one knows what happened to her.

Frik is a very stupid demon. He is also very strong. These two attributes don't work well together, at least not if you have to get around him in the demon city. You must find some way of bypassing this obstacle.

This is a demonic reflection of yourself that you must fight. It is an impossible battle, however, as he is wounded at the same rate you are.

The cause of all the problems, this is the demon wizard who injured Rakeesh so long ago. He's back for revenge. Don't let him have it.

The demon lord controls all the demons and seeks to enter our world. His servant, the demon wizard, is attempting to bring him over, and it's up to you to stop them both.

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