Characters from Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

People are arranged in the order you meet them (in a typical game). If there's someone not here, e-mail me so I can laugh at you for thinking I even remotely care. (Ha ha) Check to make sure that the person you're thinking of isn't in the monster section, first, though, since I'm not overlapping. Be warned that some plot spoilers are written here. Don't read further unless you don't mind.

Katrina is the first person you meet after escaping the cave you start the game in. She gives you directions and many questions then disappears into the night, adding to your questions. She doesn't seem to live in town; perhaps she works at the castle? You can meet her at the town gates at night to talk to her and perhaps flirt?

The burgomeister, Dmitri, is a harsh man who acts as mayor and sheriff to the small town of Mordavia. His past has not been the easiest, and some characters can discover the source of his bitterness. All characters will find him warming up as the game goes on and you win his respect.

Olga runs the general store after her husband (may rest in peace) departed. She also acts as the town's premier gossip; she has answers to many of your questions, even if they aren't correct. Unfortunately she carries what resembles trail rations-avocado and garlic sandwiches. You'll have to buy these for the road.

Yuri runs the Hotel Mordavia with his wife, Bella. He is a grim man who has recently experienced a loss and prefers to keep to himself. Nevertheless, he is kind and is willing to talk.

Bella works in the kitchen of the Hotel. She will not talk to you at first as you are a stranger and might be dangerous. Maybe you can get her to talk about her dreams if you gain her trust.

Hans sits and drinks in the inn at night; he and his companions seem to keep the inn in business. The trio gossips almost as much as Olga but hesitates to share their information with you.

Frans is a Mordavian farmer who has nothing better to do than drink with his buddies.

Ivan is the odd character out of the three men. He used to be an elephant trainer until the elephants left Mordavia. Now he talks with Hans and Frans and dreams of the good old days.

Punny Bones is a stranger to town much like yourself. He has intentionally come to this desolate valley, however, as he searches for his humor. He angered Baba Yaga and was cursed-an evil fate for a gnomish jester! He can help you if you restore his humor and he gives you a rubber chicken!

The Domovoi is a reclusive creature who is usually only seen by children, but he's willing to make an exception for you. He guards the inn from harm and knows why the owners are so sad. His knowledge is essential for your quest.

Igor digs graves and carves headstones. Understandably, the other townsfolk fear him. He helps the good doctor with experiments and makes cryptic jokes (cryptic jokes, a little graveyard humor).

The Chief Thief of Mordavia seems to be having a bad day. Or maybe a bad week, month, etc. He unwisely broke into the monestary and was suitably punished for his intrusion. As the only thief left in the valley, he has no one around to help him, unless you decide to be charitable and help the out.

Poor Nikolai wanders around all day looking for his beloved wife, Anna. She went into the woods one day and never returned. Nikolai has been searching for her ever since. If you run across her in your travels, maybe you can reunite them?

Dr. Carnium is the local mad scientist and loves to concoct strange brews, reanimate corpses, and perform experiments on antwerps. He acts as the alchemist (though his potions are scientific, NOT MAGIC!) He stubbornly refuses to believe in the occult no matter the proof you show him.

The paladin Piotyr died long ago but his spirit is restless. Only paladins can see him and help. In return, Piotyr will give the paladin his sword and shield.

Boris is resting in peace, away from his nagging wife, Olga. He now works the castle gates during the day, preventing would-be tourists from gawking. He talks about the castle's inhabitants and can help you gather some information and you can get him to go back to his wife.

Hmm, the Rusulka is certainly a noticable character. She lives in Lake Mordavia and tries to drown passerbys. Other than that and the fact that she's undead make her a very nice girl. Befriend her and listen to her sad story. Just one more scantily-clad undead you've come across...

The leshy watches over the forest and gives riddles to passerbys. Sometimes his mishchief is helpful, sometimes it is a hindrance. Just try and be nice.

Davy is a rougish gypsy who lives at the edge of the valley. His people are distrusted by the town and he is first met as a prisoner. Like everyone else, you need to help him and he will in turn give you access to his camp.

The leader of the gypsies, Magda is a powerful fortuneteller. She knows some magic and will read Tarot cards for you and others close to you.

Here is Anna, Nikolai's dead wife. She was killed in the woods and is trapped in the spot where she died until she meets her husband again. Sounds like you have a job to do!

Hey, he looks familiar! It's Bonehead from Spielburg! He and Baba have relocated after the rukus you cause in QfG 1. He keeps visitors from seeing Baba Yaga, which really isan't such a bad thing...

Baba baby's back and in her old form. She seems to have calmed down, however, as she is willing to listen to you, providing you feed her (so don't forget to bring a snack for her!) Amazing how the ogress will forgive and forget if her stomach is involved.

These goons guard the dungeon, apparently from nothing. Listening to their grumblings in the castle, you learn that their boss has positioned them in front of an empty dungeon. Now why would anyone want an empty room guarded?

Tanya is the innkeepers' lost daughter. She has managed to find her way to the castle and is alive and well...not quite. Something strange is going on here, maybe you can fix it.

Toby the monster is Tanya's guard and playmate. He loves the little girl more than anything and would give his life for her.

Tatiana is the Queen of Faeries and she wants Erana's staff. Wizards will meet her and have to battle for the rights to the powerful staff.

Guess who's back from the dead? Yes, it's Ad Avis, your foe from Shapeir. Now even stronger, the vampire wizard wants nothing more than revenge on you and his Dark Master. And world domination.

The Dark Master is the one who has summoned you to Mordavia. She wants you to help her bring the Dark One Avoozl back into the world so that she will never have to fear sunlight again. The undeath has a strange effect on people's minds.

The Archmage Erana died many years ago at the hands...tentacles of Avoozl. She still managed to banish him to his home plane, but left some traces of him on Mordavia. Her soul has been trapped in the Dark One caves for years, I think it's time you released her.

Your good friend and mentor, Erasmus, isn't actually in Mordavia, but he contacts you throughout the game, somewhat unsucessfully. He and Fenrus are trying to find you and bring you to Silmaria, which needs a hero.

Fenrus is helping Erasmus in his search for you. He doesn't actually help as much as make wise cracks whenever Erasmus makes a blunder, though.

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