Characters from Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire

People are arranged in the order you meet them (in a typical game). If there's someone not here, e-mail me so I can laugh at you for thinking I even remotely care. (Ha ha) Check to make sure that the person you're thinking of isn't in the monster section, first, though, since I'm not overlapping. Be warned that some plot spoilers are written here. Don't read further unless you don't mind.

King Justinian of Silmaria was a good king. Now he's a dead king. An assassin murdered him in his own throne room after sneaking past several guards. Public opinion believes the assassin's master wants to become king, therefore killing Justinian. Since the King left no heirs, the Rites of Rulership are called into play to find the most suitable candidate for the throne to Silmaria.

Hey, he looks familiar! (Unless you've never played the game before...) This is the Prince of Shapeir, Hero of Tarna and Mordavia (they gave Spielburg to Elsa, go fig!) As the designers didn't include the promised multiplayer, the game can only be played as the Hero.

Erasmus is the eccentric but kind wizard you met in Spielburg, who took you under his wing in Shapeir (if you played a wizard) and who brought you to Silmaria at the end of Shadows of Darkness. Now, he and Rakeesh have entered you in the Rites of Rulership to find out who murdered the king. You can visit the old wizard in his home above the clouds.

Fenrus is Erasmus' familiar (I'd make a joke here but I'd be safe to say it's overused by now). Don't judge him by his appearence, because he looks like a rat. He is a rat, but he's also a powerful wizard who can help you later on in your quest.

The Cloud Gardian replaces the gargoyle from Zauberberg Mountain. It prevents unwelcome guests from intruding on Erasmus' house.

Senor Ferrari is back and badder than ever! He left Raseir soon after you and set up operations at the Dead Parrot Inn by the docks. He is willing to do business with you, provided he gets something out of it. Thieves will especially want to speak to him.

Abdum works the Arena, taking people's money and threatening those who don't pay. His vocabulary isn't that big, just like his three brothers.

Abduel is one of the four Raseirian brothers. He fights in the Arena.

Abdim guards Ferrari's house at night. He is the friendliest of the brothers, willing to talk to you when talked to.

Kokeeno Pookameeso is a Silmarian guard and one of the competitors in the Rites of Rulership. You can talk to him in the Arena during the first week, when he is Champion.

The Silmarian guards are devoted to their city and keeping the peace therein. Don't make them angry. Their headquarters are next to the West Gate, after the jail.

Logos the centaur is the Speaker for Silmaria. He refused the position as King, saying the Rites would find a better one. He rules the city while the search for a new King goes on. He is a wise and noble creature who tries to do what is best for his nation.

Your paladin friend Rakeesh was summoned to Silmaria by his son, Shakra, only weeks before you arrived. His expertise was needed, as he ruled Tarna in the past, and has much experience in many subjects. Rakeesh will help Logos decide what the Rites should be, and you can talk to him near the Arena on Nob Hill.

Minos comes from a long line of kings of Silmaria, but now he just acts as advisor to Logos on what the Rites should consist of. He sponsors Elsa von Spielburg and lives on Minos island northeast of Marete.

Sarra sells jewelry from her stand in the Market Place. She is married to Marrak and is Salla's mother. She has the expensive Hera's Ring on her booth, which you can give to your intended as a sign of your devotion.

Wolfie sets his stand up in the Market Place near the entrance to the West Gate. He is an artist, painting pictures, drawing maps, and making amphorae for people to carry liquids in. A foreigner to the Med Sea, he comes from Punjabi, in Inja, and hopes to fly back there someday.

Sam the Banker hails from Spielburg where you last saw him begging in alleyways. Now, he owns a prosperous bank- the only bank in town. In his bank you can put your money in the Rites of Rulership fund, or if you're a thief you might try your luck on taking money out of here.

Kreesha and Rakeesh have two children: Reeshaka whom you met briefly in the Lost City of Tarna, and Shakra the Wizard, who sets up shop in Silmaria. He runs the Magic Shop and has several useful items for any adventurer. However, the wizard will find the most use from this liontaur.

Marrak sells food in Market Place. He and his family come from Raseir and may soon go back, learning of your deeds there and the peace you brought. For now, though, he is content to share any information he has with you and provide you with fruit, chocolate, or pizza.

Shy and reserved, Salla is a musician who speaks with her pipe rather than her mouth. She plays in Market Place, though if you play your cards right she might play somewhere else later on.

The last time you saw Julanar the Healer, she was transformed into a tree in the Shapeirian desert. Now, she has found her true love, Salim, and returned to natural form. Grateful for your kindness in the desert, she will heal you whenever you enter her door. She can also help others in the town if you let her know about them.

Salim married Julanar after you introduced them (sorta) and after rescuing her from tree form. You met him in Tarna as the apothecary, and he now sets up shop in Silmaria. Luckily, you won't need to find Dispel Potion components for him this time, but he will want other reagents.

Andre is the last remaining fisherman in Marete. All the others fled to the city or elsewhere to escape the Hesperian invaders. He is on the docks in the morning and sails out afternoons. He is willing to sail you wherever you like for a few drachmas or give you some fresh fish. Mmmmm....

Abdull is the fourth Raseirian brother who woos Nawar unsuccessfully. He also guards the front door to the Dead Parrot Inn.

Back from the Raseirian prisons is Ugarte the informant. He will provide more dangerous rumors to you in the Dead Parrot Inn for a that he might regret.

Arestes is a retired sailor- he lost his arm at sea and lost any hope of setting sail again. He currently docks in the Dead Parrot Inn, though he can be found in other locations by different characters.

You met Budar in the harem of Raseir if you are a thief. She and the other ladies of the city helped distract the guards so you could destroy Ad Avis (or so you thought then). She came with Ferrari to this island paradise and is his best (or worst, take your pick) girl. She's also pretty close with Nawar. She'll sell you a drink if you show her the cash.

Nawar originates from the harem like Budar, but she has no beau to keep her warm at night...yet. That's where you come in. Maybe you could get her away from the Wheel of Fortune and give her something she'd really like (perhaps a ring?).

The poor parrot isn't dead as the inn's name suggests, but he might be soon. He "helps out" with the Wheel of Fortune, taunting you when you miss and squawking when your daggers get too close. I wonder if he's related to the real dead parrot in the Blue Parrot Inn in Raseir.

This stranger turns out to be not so least, you've met him before. You can spot him on certain evenings in the Dead Parrot, though he doesn't talk much. You'll meet him later, trust me. *wink wink*

Pholus keeps his forge and armory on the docks. Maybe he wants to sell to the docking sailors? He will buy and sell weapons and armor, so when you've twenty Hesperian shields weighing you down, he's the centaur to see.

Ah, the Famous Adventurer, residing in you alma mater, FACS. Somehow, this old man wasn't what you were expecting of the brave man who trekked across the world and wrote of his experiences. Maybe he isn't feeling well. As a hero (and graduate of his courses) you are obliged to make him feel better. You'll get something out of it, too.

Dr. Pretorius runs Science Island and Silmaria's Academy of Science during the day. Though a bit odd, he's harmless enough and rather friendly. He and Dr. Mobius are the only scientists in Silmaria at the time, as everyone else fled for fear of invasion. He and Mobius sponsor Gort in the Rites.

Dr. Mobius runs the strict night shift of Science Island. He isn't half as nice as his counterpart and isn't as willing to give out information to a non-scientist.

Gort is another entrant in the Rites. He lives on Science Island with the two doctors. Kind of quiet, Gort possesses great strength and a mind to match any scientist.

Toro came from Spielburg with Elsa, but he decided to stay on Marete. There, he became Guildmaster to the Adventurer's Guild. You can find him there and talk while you work out. Sometimes Elsa or Magnum will also be there to talk to.

Elsa von Spielburg entered the Rites with the sponsorship of Minos. He brought her and Toro to Silmaria, and she is staying on his island. You have seen her before in her homeland, though she has changed much. At first she was the brigand leader under Baba Yaga's curse, whose memory you restored. She later rid her valley of the remaining brigands and won the title of Hero of Spielburg (hey, wasn't that your title?). After several disputes with her brother, now Baron of Spielburg, she left to become her own woman. She is independent, but might be willing to share her life with you if you prove brave and kind.

Magnum Opus comes from Nova Roma and has entered the Rites of Rulership. He is famed as a strong warrior and is the best bet for king. Of course, the ones betting on him haven't met you yet. His pompous attitude wins him no favor from those who know him, but he isn't someone to overlook.

Gnome Ann Agrama runs Gnome Ann's Land Inn by the West Gate. Her inn is the better choice to stay at, and Erasmus booked you here for the month. Should you choose, you can help the gnome spruce the place up a bit.

Lonely Pegasus flies around the northern peaks of Marete. His nests contains feathers valuable to druggists for their magical attributes. The Hippocrene Stream flows by Pegasus' nest.

The Sibyl of Delos sees into the future in the remotest parts of the country. You'll have a hard time reaching her, but it's downhill after that.

Seven dryads grow on Delos. More spectacular than anything else you've seen in your wanderings, these tree-women fairly radiate magic. A wizard will greatly appreciate their aid.

In Hades lie the peaceful souls of the dead. Some are agitated by your presence. In steps in the Guardian who watches over the souls. He will allow you to release one soul from his realm if you choose, to cease the torment you cause by your presence.

Looks who's back from Mordavia! It's Katrina! She has changed much since you saw her in the dark valley. She is healthy and reformed and willing to marry you. If you release her, she will build her new home on Zante and invote you to visit. She will be an invaluable ally later on, plus a good source of information.

Erana can also be freed from death, but you must choose between her and Katrina. The good archmage will dwell on Limnos if you free her, and help you as much as she can. She can also be wooed by certain classes. She will give magic users a spell and her endless love.

Queen Hippolyta rules Atlantis, the lost nation. You will meet her near the end of the Rites and sue for peace between her and the air-breathers. Success is vital, as she and her tritons could severely damage Silmaria if war goes unchecked.

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