The Character Classes
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The Fighter is the generic adventurer- sword and shield ready to face armies of monsters.
He does things the straightforward way, not using his head unless something has to be rammed.
Click HERE for a list of the monsters in the Quest for Glory world.

The Wizard uses his head for things other than ramming in doors.
He is the most intelligent of the character classes and has a wide range of spells to help him be heroic.
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The Thief is the sneaky character class, using stealth instead of might or magic to accomplish his goals.
And while the fighter wants glory and the wizard wants knowledge, the thief wants wealth.
He can break into houses and rob them blind.  The fifth game gives the thief much better equipment to do this.
Click HERE to see what objects can help the thief in Glorianna.

The Paladin is the 'hidden' class, only playable if you have imported from
Quest for Glory 2, 3, or 4, or if you act honorably in 2 and 3.  He is very honorable and gains special
abilities to help him on his quest to right the wrongs of the universe and help the less fortunate.
Click HERE to see his abilities.  (Note: most abilities he gains can only be earned in dragon fire)
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