Warning: Spoilers for Quest for Glory 4 and 5.
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Katrina vs. Erana

This page is to help those who can't decide which magical mistress they like better.  While I'm not going to try to be biased, I am.  I like Katrina better.  There, I said it. 

Before arguing, I want to show this great picture that my friend Pam (aka Batts) drew for all QfG fans' enjoyment. This is Katrina and Erana together. Now, this can't happen in the actual games, this is an artist's creation. Pam is a talented artist who draws a varitey of things, and as she is a fan of QfG, she has drawn some inspirational pieces. All sketches on this page are drawn by her. Thanks Pam!

Back to the argument.  Let's look at the pros and cons of each woman. 

Go to the Elsa Nawar page if you don't like what you see here!

Pros:  Gentle and caring.  Loves living things.  Powerful spell caster, possibly the most powerful for a long time.  Teaches hero with magical abilities 2-3 and her staff teaches the hero one spell. 

Cons:  Thinks everyone ridicules her because of her strange looks.  She will sacrifice herself so that others won't get hurt.  Not very adept in combat spells.  (Or at least she never uses them)  Shy and anti-social.  Annoying voice in 5.

Pros:  Very beautiful and seductive. (Though we're not dwelling on looks, are we?) Powerful spell caster, possibly the most powerful 'alive' right now.  She teaches the magic user 1-2 spells.  Sacrifices herself for the hero.  Cares about others, especially females, will teach them to read and write.

Cons:  Very selfish, doesn't think of the consequences of her actions.  Dark past, many bad deeds.  Umm, oh let's see, she TRIED TO SUMMON AVOOZL!  In league with Ad Avis.  Can be cruel and not try to see other people's view points.  Has lots of emotional baggage in 5.  Anti-social to the point of isolation.

Here's a picture my good friend Pam (aka Batts) drew. It's Katrina in her evil days. Notice the lack of reflection?

Look, a picture of Katrina meeting the hero! Don't they look good together?

In QfG5 you will have the choice of saving one of these women, a difficult decision I assure you.
This is supposed to help you decide which woman you want to save in Hades in QfG5.
I'm sure it doesn't, but hey, that's your problem.
Another thing to think about is who they will marry. Yes, marry.
Katrina will only marry fighters or wizards (note: in the original version of Dragon Fire there is a bug that won't allow you to marry her at all. Download the patch 1.1 or 1.2 to fix this problem) 
because she thinks paladins are too good for her and she can't trust thieves.
Erana will only marry paladins or wizards.  She thinks fighters are too violent and thieves are dishonest.
So when you're running through Hades remember that if you're planning on marriage. 
The thief can marry neither, so it's a waste of time trying 
(plus he has to sacrifice half of his vitality, which takes a while to recover).