The world of QfG has much beauty, but many dangers as well.
Most of these dangers are in the form of monsters: roaming the countryside, terrorizing peasants,
selling insurance.  Fortunately they can be taken care of by adventurers and heroes, making the land safe once again.
Information on how to defeat monsters is usually posted in Adventurer's Guilds.  If there is no Guild in the land ask a warrior or guard of the land.
All pictures 'borrowed' from Rahul's site: A Hero's Quest for Glory

Quest for Glory 1:

The Adventurer's Guild is run by Wolfgang Abenteuer, an old adventurer who can only dream of his past glories now.
He has information on monsters and the valley of Spielburg in general.  On the walls trophies hang to remind all of the danger of the valley and the glory of it's inhabitants.  A bulletin board shows what jobs are available, important to all broke adventurers.
And of course the standard log book sits on a table, ready for the signature signed with a flourish.


Saurii are easy fodder for a beginning adventurer.  They carry no money, so unless you want the experience it's not worth fighting them.  They are found throughout the Spielburg valley.


Goblins are little creatures that gang up on unwary heroes.  They can carry some good cash so it's a good idea (especially for green adventurers) to go after them.  They can be found throughout the valley, mainly in the Goblin Combat Training Zone.


These guys are the ones causing Spielburg so much trouble.  They have a fortress in the southwest corner of the valley, and some can be found wandering near it.  They carry some money, but it's easier to fight goblins for it.  Brigands are relatively tough for newbies.


Hee hee!  Antwerps are silly!  Be prepared to face the consequences if you attack one!


These things are vicious!  They only come out at night, fortunately, otherwise the hero business would be empty!  It's worthwhile for experienced adventurers to fight these since their claws will get some good money from the Healer, but they don't carry any money on them.


Mantrays are magic using creatures, so be wary.  They throw lightning bolts from their tails.  They come out at night, camouflaged on the ground.  They don't have anything worth taking, so there's no point in fighting them unless you're a brainless fighter. ;)


Trolls are really tough!  They're worth fighting, though, since their beards can be sold to the Healer, and they carry their own money!  They only come out at night, since daylight turns them to stone.  However, if there's a place without light, like a cave or cavern, they can stay up during the day.

Saurus Rex:

The saurus rex is the bigger cousin of the saurus, only meaner and deadlier.  Like its cousin it has no money so when you see one you should run away!


Ogres are rare, so you won't see many on your travels.  They do exist, though, and they're not pushovers!  Fortunately for their would-be victims, the brutes aren't very smart.  Unfortunately they are strong.  Ogres have chests with money in them, though it's a mystery why since they can't open them.


Minotaurs aren't normally found in such cold climates, but some have been spotted near Spielburg.  Minotaurs are strong but not too intelligent.  They are loyal to their masters, willing to die to keep their owners safe.


Bears are fierce fighters who can kill with one blow.  But why would you want to attack the nice bear?


Kobolds are distant relatives of dwarves, though neither will admit it.  They are good spell casters, and prefer to stay in dark places like caves.  Not usually a threat, a kobold will become deadly if angered.


Luckily for travelers the Spielburgian moose is hard to find.  With a vicious temper these beasts will bite your nose off!


Whether frost or fire, giants are trouble.  They can easily split an adventurer in two, or if they're really mad
they'll just stomp on you.  Luckily, some giants can be bargained with, so remember it always pays to be nice.


The White Stag is a rare creature; anyone who can catch it and return its hide to the butcher would become rich.
A warning: the stag is a creature of the forest, and as such it is protected.  Maybe you don't want the money that much...


Horses aren't monsters!


Fairies are little winged people. part of the Faer Folk, or Faeries.  They can't do real harm unless
you step into their dancing circles... They only come out at night, and have magical ingredients on them.

Floating Spirit, Ghost, Specter:

Floating spirits arise when their graves have been desecrated.
You can't do anything to fight them, so avoid them at all costs!
If you have to be near them, use an undead ungent to repel their life draining abilities.
Ghosts and specters should be avoided at all costs, especially to new adventurers.

Night Gaunt:

No one knows what a night gaunt looks like because no one has seen one and lived to tell.
Night gaunts feed on people sleeping under the sky without the town's protective walls,
so if you want to wake up in the morning don't sleep outside unless you know the place is protected!

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