The desert land of Shapeir has less monsters since there is less water to survive with.  The ones that can survive are even deadlier, though.  Uhura at the Adventurer's Guild in the city of Shapeir can tell you how to fight the nuisances.  Another moose head hangs on the wall with Uhura's Fricanan mementos.
Pictures taken from A Hero's Quest for Glory


Like Spielburg, there are brigands in the desert.  These ones aren't as dangerous since they have no leader or base.
Pretty easy for the most part, they carry some money so are useful ways of getting money.


Being undead, ghouls appear at night.  They have no money, but the apothecary will pay good money for their claws.  These claws inflict major damage, sapping away health quickly.  Be careful or the ghouls will have you as a meal.


Related to the saurus and the saurus rex, the terrorsaurus lives up to its name.  Only found in the day, this overgrown lizard has no money.


Jackalmen are usually found in packs to insure their success in the hunt.  They have some money, but it might not be worth it if you can't defeat the entire hunting party.  Jackalmen come out at night.


Scorpions are one of the deadliest species, if not the most deadly.  Their claws inflict damage, but the tail is what to look out for.  The venom is very powerful, even one sting will hurt.  Three stings and you're dead.  The tail is valued by Harik the druggist, so if you're a good fighter you might want to battle one of these pests.


Griffins are solitary animals and very rare.  All they want is to find a nesting spot and be left alone.  Which is good advice to anyone seeking a griffin.  When annoyed, these beasts will relentlessly attack anyone within range.  And a griffin has a long memory.  It's best not to start a fight with one, there is nothing to gain by it.


The friendly Shapeirian moose will help any traveler get to the nearest water hole for a drink.  Watch out when they realize that the only thing to drink is water!


Some wizards use statues to guard their belongings or themselves.  Luckily, they are easy to dodge, or a well placed spell can tear them up!

Elementals are creatures made by powerful wizards to do their bidding.  These creatures can't be killed, but they can be captured and made to work for their owner.  Each elemental is vulnerable to a different element and can be captured by using their opposing element against them.  People in Shapeir have some knowledge of the elements, so it would be wise to consult them before attacking.


The fire elemental will burn anything near it, even stone!  If it is not contained it will burn the entire city!
It can be harmed by water, but not in open spaces. It arrives in the Gates Plaza on day 4 (don't worry if you can't do anything until day 5).  Harik the druggist knows about fire.


The air elemental is a hurricane that will blow away the entire city, bit by bit.  Anything that comes close to it will be blown away, so unless you are incredibly strong you had better attack it from a distance.  It comes on day 8 to the Palace Plaza.  Air is susceptible to earth.  Keapon Laffin, the Magic Shop owner, deals with air.


The earth elemental appears out of the very stones of the city and can disappear without a trace!  It will kill anyone foolish enough to meet it in a dark alley, so be prepared!  The earth elemental is sent to Shapeir on day 12, and it roams the streets near the Fighter's Plaza.  (Note: Be sure to bring a cloth bag with you when you fight it!)  Earth is vulnerable to fire.  Rakeesh knows a bit about earth, and so does the druggist.


The water elemental is the most dangerous elemental of all!  It will suck the fluids out of anyone in the area, and it is in the Fountain Plaza on day 14!  If it isn't stopped it will suck the fountain dry and leave Shapeir without any water!  Water is defenseless against air.  The enchantress Aziza can give you advice on how to tame the watery tart.

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