The land of Tarna has many monsters, some in large tribes.  There is no Adventurer's Guild a human can go into, but the Liontaur guards and Simbani villagers might know a bit about the surrounding land and its hazards.  The Simbani village can be reached the third day of your visit to the east of Tarna.  You can practice your skills in the village as well: on the log bridge, the spear area, or playing the game Awari.
Pictures taken from A Hero's Quest for Glory


Crocs aren't too dangerous and they carry money.  The best monster to fight if you want some easy cash.  They are found on the savanna, sometimes they are attracted to campfires.

Giant Ant:

These ants are worthless.  There are lots of them on the savanna and in the jungle, but they have nothing useful on them.  They are easy to fight but who would want to?


Called "Running Death" by the Simbani, this critter is quite a handful.  It's a relative of the saurii family, but meaner than any type met before.  There is no point to fighting them unless you're after its horn as a trophy.

Flying Cobra:

These things are nasty.  They have poisonous bites, and you'd better be carrying some poison cure pills with you because you'll need them!  Cobras are only in the jungle so you'll have a long walk back to Tarna to buy some pills.  Most people don't make it.  Cobras don't have anything on them, unless you like being poisoned avoid them.


Ugly and stupid like so many creatures you've already met.  These guys have some money on them and can be found in the jungle and near the Lost City.  Medium fighters, not a problem for the seasoned explorer.


There are no moose in East Fricana.


As in Trial by Fire, a magic statue might be encountered sometime during your trek of Tarna.
This statue can be fought, however, and used to help the hero instead of hinder.


These people are one of the tribes going to war.  They cast magic at you, so they're very dangerous to anyone without the proper magical protections.  They live in the jungle and generally come out at night.  They have money, but I don't recommend fighting them since you're trying to make peace between them and the Simbani.

Demon Worm:

These things are rare, only found in the jungle close to the Lost City.  They can be predicted by a rumbling of the ground and a raised patch of earth that moves toward you.  It pops up out of a hole in the ground and attacks.  There's no time to escape it once it leaves the earth.  You can't get any money from it since it falls down its hole once it dies.


Demons aren't native to Tarna or to Glorianna.  They come from their dimension via a World Gate.  The World Gate sucks up any mana near it and makes a portal to other dimensions.  Rumors say demons have entered one of these portals and are the cause of the war.  If so, you'll have a difficult time fighting them.  Demons are extremely hard to fight, especially if you aren't a veteran warrior.  Find any way of slipping by them without fighting if possible.

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