The land of Mordavia is a bleak one.  Hardly anyone is left, monsters having killed most.  The valley is blocked off so no one can get in or out, giving the monsters a better breeding space.  The presence of Dark Magic changes everything into strange creatures.  Undead leave their graves at night to wreak havoc.  The Adventurer's Guild is abandoned; no adventurers have visited the valley for a long time.  Mordavia needs a hero more than ever.
Pictures taken from A Hero's Quest for Glory

(The Mordavian Adventurer's Guild doesn't seem to be very active, does it?)

Vorpal Bunny:

Though they look cute, these rabbits are ferocious!  Their fangs go straight for the throat of the unwary.  Be careful for they appear everywhere.  They have nothing of value on them, so avoid them unless you get a kick of of killing.


Antwerps are rubbery little things that reproduce only when popped- making smaller versions of the same creature, with identical genetic codes and everything.  Antwerps aren't native to Mordavia, they come from Spielburg, though some have been spotted in the vicinity.


These twisted beings were once followers of the Dark One.  The Dark Magic had mutated them into grotesque monsters.  They will live forever if no weapon harms them.  If you need money (which you don't in this game) these guys might be a good source.  Watch out for their spells, though!


A cross between spiders and bats, these things are little more than an annoyance.  They travel in packs at night, but they have nothing on them.  Their bite is poisonous, so if you fight them carry some pills with you.


The rare Mordavian moose has a bite worse than its Spielburgian cousin (note the fangs).
Luckily garlic will ward it off, so travelers, keep the precious vegetable near you at all times!


Hexapods are rare, which is something many adventurers are glad of.  Most frequently found in cold places,
these creatures bring almost as much fear as what they guard.


These things can be a problem in the beginning of the game, but as time progresses they are no sweat.  Around during the day, wyverns look for passerbys to make a meal out of.  You can ignore them since they have no treasure and a venomous tail!


Believe it or not, these things are alive and kicking.  Necrotaurs are ruthless night hunters out for flesh.  They have nothing on them except for fleas, and they are the perhaps hardest non magical monster to fight in the game.  Avoid completely if you value your life.


These minor undead need blood to survive.  They come out of their graves at night to feed, preferably on you.  They are fairly easy to 'kill' and have some money so it's worth fighting them if you need moolah.


These are the hardest things to fight in any of the games yet!  You can't even get near a wraith without magical protection of some kind or your health points will be drained away.  Get the aura spell or a magic amulet before getting near one.  Wraiths are bound to where they died, and often guard treasure!  If you defeat one of these apparitions you can search their lair for goods.  If you're in the mood to fight at night, find a rock pile and get ready for a magical battle!


"Werewolves are gypsies, no doubt about it!"-Olga
Werewolves can only be harmed by magic or silver.
This from the people who hang garlic everywhere in sight.


Ghosts are either the souls of people with unfinished business (i.e. loved ones, a deed left undone)
or malicious souls who only want to stay "alive" and bring pain on others.  Ghosts can't be harmed, though they can be banished, or will leave peacefully if their requests are fulfilled.

Pit Horror:

This thing is in the Dark One's cave, the pit you must cross to get out.  The Dark Magic has obviously affected it and turned it into the monstrosity it is now.

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