Silmaria has always been known for its great beauty.  Now its noted for its- okay, okay, the place has lots of monsters!
Mariana is made up of many islands, Marete being the largest one.  Most monsters are found near dragon pillars or on the northeast rim of the island.  Some can only be found at night (ghosties) and some are only underwater (fishies and salamanders).  The Adventurer's Guild in the West Gate area won't really help you much on your expeditions outside, but you might want to go there just to meet some other fellow adventurers.

(Toro! Sometimes Elsa or Magnum will come to the Guild and you can talk to them.)


Batties are annoying but not very dangerous.  They come out at night or in dark places and attack in groups.  The toughest thing about them is that they're quick and hard to hit.  They have nothing good to take so you might as well run away unless you want some practice.


Bearmen are relatively easy creatures to fight, if you can find them.  The only place I can find them is on the dragon pillar north of Ios.  They have some loot on them, nothing special.  Some variations are called grizzlymen.


Well, it's an island kingdom!  The only moose here are moosefish, a passive species of fish (maybe related to catfish?).


Boarmen are the best monsters to fight for easy cash.  Also known as goremen, boarmen are easy to beat and carry some good money.  They also have some spear heads you can sell back to Pholus, the weapon smith, as well.


Cougarmen are vicious beasts.  Appearing usually at night, they hang around dragon pillars, carrying some good money for a mediocre adventurer.


You may have seen a goon or two in past lands you visited: Otto and Crusher in Spielburg, or the two guards at the castle dungeon in Mordavia.  Those goons couldn't be fought since you were still too weak to fight them and win.  Now you can kick their sorry butts to the ground.  Goons carry huge wooden mallets that inflict serious damage, but a quick fighter can avoid the blows easily.  Worth combating for the healing pills and money carried, goons can be found everywhere from dragon pillars to mansions.


Dragonlings are miniature versions of their cousin, the dragon.  Breathing fire on unwary travelers, these creatures are hard to hit since they move so quickly.  They aren't worth the fight unless you want experience due to the fact that they explode upon death.  The only place I've found dragonlings is the northern dragon pillar by the sea.


Horrible beasts from your worst nightmares, granglers are a mystery.  No one knows where they come from, only that they are tough!  They carry some money and/or potions, and can be found near the sea or on the northeastern ridge of Marete.

Winged Homunculous:

Homunculi resemble flying monkeys, and are just about as annoying.  They swoop down, dodging sword and dagger.  Homunculi carry some money, but not enough to waste your time fighting them.  Zara's familiar, Damiano, is a homunculous.


Weirdings are the hardest typical monster to fight.  Armed with scythes and magic armor, one alone can make an end to you!  The profit from their bodies is great, providing you with expensive magic chain armor and health potions.  Found on the northeast ridge of Marete, weirdings should be given a wide berth unless you are brave or foolish (or both).


A type of undead, lemures are only found in Hades.  They are the spirits of fallen warriors, and would like nothing better than to take you down with them!  Lemures carry no treasure, and once you leave a screen and return they regenerate, so don't waste time fighting them, you have more important things to do in the Realm of the Dead!


Shades are harder than lemures since they can cast spells at you and fly over obstacles.  There are fewer of them in Hades, though they will also be found at night near dragon pillars.  Like all undead in dragon fire, shades carry no treasure, their bodies disappear as soon as you kill them.


The most difficult undead to face in Hades, manes can drain the life out of you in one spell!  Watch out for the wave of red they send to you, it saps your health quickly.  They also cast lightning bolts and can attack with swords.  Manes have no rewards, so avoid them at all costs.  These spirits have been known to help the Guardian of Hades keep mortals in line.

Razored Remora:

Before the Sea Folk started attacking dry-landers, these sharks were the biggest threat to traveling the seas.  Remoras swim in large packs to insure their success at getting a meal.  They will use their razor sharp tails to swipe at passing prey, hence their name razored remora.  Sea Folk sometimes capture remoras and raise them as guardians for their homes.  Save for tritons, no sea creature yields treasure, including remoras.


More deadly than remoras, dragonfish are rarer.  They are not actually related to dragons, but their scorching vapor leads many to believe otherwise.  Dragonfish are used as guards for the people of Atlantis since the Sea People respect their strength and dexterity.

Walking Salamander:

Salamanders are only found underwater, so don't waste your time searching on land.  Sometimes hard to find, these oversized amphibians pose no real threat, nor do they have any money on them.


Normally tritons aren't a threat to people, but in recent times they have declared war on all air-breathers.  Most are spell casters so be careful when going into combat with them.  Better yet, avoid combat with them entirely since you're trying to make peace with them.  If you do fight them, search their bodies for tridents or mana pills and potions.

Roman/Hesparian Mercenary/Invader:

These guys have been trained in the "art" of war, making them fearsome opponents.  Of course, the seasoned fighter should be able to take them out easily, having been trained in battle more than the invaders.  No one knows for sure why they came to Mariana since Hesparia isn't at war against Silmaria; whoever is paying them to fight must be desperate.  Roman invaders are the ones responsible for villagers fleeing the fishing villages for the protection of Silmaria.  All five villages are overrun with the troops, and it's rumored that their general has a base on one of the nearby islands.

General Claudius:

This man is the leader of the Roman guards attacking Marete.  He must be stopped before the soldiers will leave the islands for good.  He is said to be on a fortress on an island close to Marete.  To prove that you have found him, bring back his shield.

Centaur Wizard:

One wizard is with the general at the fortress, but there are more somewhere else in the land.  If you go into battle with one make sure to have some kind of magical protection or healing available.  The centaurs cast lighting bolts at you with the help of staves, so if you want to get rid of them the quick way, cast trigger and watch em blow!  But wizards will want to fight the normal way to win a prize at the end of the battle.


There are a few minotaurs in the islands, but you'll have to look hard for them.  One is of course your good friend Toro, but most of these bull-men aren't as friendly as Elsa's companion.  They are loyal and make good bodyguards, so they can be found in private residences.  Minotaurs are tough fighters so you'd better be prepared when you fight one.  Their axes are the strongest weapon in the game except for poisoned daggers!  These brutes carry little in the way of cash, but you might want to search them anyway.

The Hydra:

You will eventually have to "defeat" the hydra (it is immortal so you can only cut off its heads) in the Rites of Rulership.  Some classes can defeat it without help, but it is difficult.  And it doesn't do any good, since your helper appears when you search for treasure if you asked for help or not.  The Hydra has three heads that can regenerate quickly, so you will have to cauterize the wound right after the head is chopped off or you will have to fight it again!  The Hydra is in the dragon family, so some of its body parts can be used in magical potions.  It has also been known to find treasure and drag it back to its lair, so do some searching around after it's dead.


Cerberus is the watchdog to the entrance to Hades.  He will not let any living person through the gateway without good reason.  He is immortal so he can't be killed, but he can get tired.  His body is as big as a small horse, and he has three heads, each with a different personality.  Immortality can get pretty dull with no treats, can't it?

The Dragon of Doom:

The destroyer of Atlantis and would-be devestator of all of Mariana, this isn't a true dragon; it is powerful fire and dark magic bound in the form of a dragon.  Because of this, it can't be killed by normal means, it requires a sacrifice (Note: in the game it doesn't need a sacrifice to die, but there is a way to sacrifice yourself and survive.  As a wizard who saved Katrina, tell three people you will sacrifice yourself, telling the last person as the dragon's health is almost at halfway.  The game will ask if you want to sacrifice yourself.  Click yes and the dragon should already have flown away.  It will be too far away to harm you, but you will get credit for sacrificing yourself.  You will either be able to keep playing or just be able to watch as everyone else kills the dragon.  Don't worry, you can still finish the game if you can't move.  You can't do this if Erana is freed since she or Gort will sacrifice themselves first.  E-mail me if you've been able to sacrifice yourself under different circumstances.)  The dragon was bound by the most powerful mages in Mariana by seven dragon pillars.  Once all seven pillars(and the Prophecy Stone) have been broken, the dragon will be freed.  It will still be held to another plane by the last pillar, so you will have to fix it.  Once the last pillar is righted you can kill the dragon.  It is immune to fire, so don't try using flame dart on it.  Special weapons enchanted against dragon work well against it, so use one or give one to an ally to use.  The dragon carries nothing on it and is found in the Temple of Flames on the northeastern side of Marete, though you won't be able to fight it for most of the game.

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