Paladin Abilities
Paladins gain their special abilities from the Essential Righteousness of the Universe. There abilities help them uphold honor, truth, and justice.

The first ability is the flaming sword.
With the sword the paladin can inflict more damage on enemies, but usually tries to solve problems without resorting to violence.

  The next benefit a paladin earns is Danger Sense, which obviously senses danger.  Messages come up to warn the paladin that something is unbalanced in the Order of the Universe, warning him/her of possible threats.

Honor Shield protects the paladin from some damage.  In QfG 3 and 4 the shield is automatically activated, in 5 it must be activated by the paladin.  This takes away some of his/her stamina.

Once the paladin gains enough honor he/she will be able to heal him/herself or allies.

The following abilities are only gained in QfG 5.
Magic Ward protects the holy warrior from spell attacks.  Every time a spell hits the paladin his/her stamina goes down.  The ward will disappear when their stamina is gone or when it wears off by itself.

With Destroy Undead the paladin throws spheres of light at the unnatural beings, harming them.

The Peace ability works like the calm spell.  Enemies will stop where they are are ponder the meaning of life.  Only the most powerful enemies are immune to this.

Holy Strength boosts the paladin's strength immensely, adding to his/her strength and offense stats.

Sense Aura tells the paladin what emotions are going through someone's mind, making it easier to deal with them.

The most powerful paladin ability is Awe.  Like Peace, only the most powerful villains are immune to this.  Awe makes enemies flee from the paladin, ensuring no bloodshed for the hero.

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