Paladins and the World they Live in

Paladins in Gloriana are few and far between; most are constantly battling evil and injustice, and most like to work by themselves. Thus, we know little about these dedicated men and women who devote their lives to the cruel, ungrateful world. We do know, however, what abilities paladins wield. We also know how most paladins gain their status.

Besides their powers, paladins have several items to help them in their quests for justice and freedom.

The paladin's sword glows bright blue to reflect the purity of his soul and delas extra damage when it is (infrequently) used. The sword is more of a symbol of the paladin than an actual weapon; most times the paladin tries to solve problems nonviolently. Only in extreme circumstances does he unsheath it.

The Ring of Truth is another object the paladin uses. This ring will not permit its wearer to speak a lie, and it glows whenever a lie is spoken near it. Villains and wrongdoers find it hard to work their schemes when around a paladin with a Ring of Truth.

Armor and a shield are unfortunately often necessary, as the paladin must venture into dangerous and harmful territories. The magic protections of the armor adds with the honor shield ability the paladin has.

The Way of the Paladin:

To Learn

To Seek

To Do

Paladins perform tasks that few others are willing or able to do. Honorable deeds that involve great danger to their doers are generally reserved for paladins, for few others are willing to risk themselves, especially when the rewards are minimal. Destroying or dispelling undead is a common task for the holy paladin. Besides exterminating revenants or ghouls, paladins strive to end the suffering of tormented souls and spirits. Whether lifting curses or fulfilling last wishes, a paladin is always willing to do whatever it takes to release restless souls.

Few paladins make their appearance known, as the element of surprise can catch evil unawares. Others prefer to go in cognito so as to completely deceive potential enemies. Such cases are rare, however. Most paladins are willing to advertise their presence if it will benefit others.

Rakeesh sah Tarna was once the King of Tarna, but after encountering a demon wizard, he stepped down from the throne to pursue it. He discovered the Way of the Paladin during his hunt and took up the sword for right. He is one of the most famous paladins of the world, and many have enlisted his aid with their problems. He is also unusual in that he is the only liontaur paladin ever. His sword is named Soulforge.

Piotyr lived in Mordavia almost a century ago, where he fought the Chernovy Cult from summoning the Dark One Avoozl into the world. He was the only survivor of the battle, and vowed to find and destroy all the Dark One Rituals to prevent Avoozl from ever returning. He died at a wraith mound, however, as his shield was in the hands of his love. No one knew where Piotyr has gone, and many thought he had abandoned his pregnant fiancee. His grandson, Dmitri, heard whispers of this all his life, causing him to grow a bitter man. This belief continued until his sword was discovered at the mound and his ghost was put to rest, knowing his family honor was restored. Before he left, however, he ensured that his legacy was carried on by a paladin worthy of his sword.

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