Quest for Glory 1: So You Want to be a Hero? 

The first game, originally called Hero's Quest, takes place in the German town of Spielburg.  The valley was cursed when the Baron angered the evil ogress Baba Yaga.  She cursed him to loose everything he held dear, and he did.  Elsa, his daughter, has been missing for ten years, and his son Bernard has been missing for five.  A group of brigands have set up base in the valley, way-laying all who enter. 
Baba Yaga's curse goes like this:

Upon von Spielburg and all his clan,
This the curse I now demand.
What I will shall come full measure,
So shall ye lose all that ye treasure. 

There is a countercurse (otherwise there would be no plot). It goes like this:

Comes a hero from the East
Take the man from the beast
Free the child from the band
Drive the curser from the land

You, the young adventurer, having finished the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School, have responded to an ad in your local Adventurer's Guild: 

Wanted: Hero
No Experience Necessary.
Visit Beautiful Spielburg,
Fight Monsters,
Defeat Brigands,
Reward and Title
"Hero of Spielburg"
To the Successful Applicant

The 'no experience necessary' part attracted your attention.  Now you must defeat the band of brigands and break Baba Yaga's curse.  Ah, the life of the Hero.

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