Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire

The second game in the series, (did I really have to say that?) some think Trial by Fire is the best.
It has one of the best plots of the game and many interesting people and places to talk to and see (respectively).
Others hate it because of the typing interface.  I personally like it because you have to think of things to say, you don't have conversations handed to you.
The basic plot is this: you have just defeated the brigands and rid Spielburg valley of Baba Yaga.
Shameen, Sheema, and Abdulla Doo have regained their stolen treasure, including a magic carpet, and take you to their homeland, Shapeir.  Shapeir is the name of the land and of the capital city.  Shapeir's sister city, Raseir, is in trouble.  Its Emir (the ruler) has disappeared and a new Emir has taken over.  The magical fountain has gone dry and the city is overrun with crime.  Most of the katta have fled since the new rulers don't like anything but humans.  Raseir needs a hero, so that's where you come in.
You must find out what happened to the old Emir and save Raseir, but first you must save Shapeir!
Four elementals are unleashed upon the city soon after your arrival, determined to destroy the city and anything, or anyone, that gets in their way.

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