Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness

You have just defeated the demons threatening Tarna when you feel dark magic
carry you far away from your friends.
You wake up in a dark cave, all of your belongings gone except for the clothes you wear.
When you escape the cave a mysterious woman greets you and tells you that you are now
in Mordavia.  You are forced to find out about this land and why you were brought here.
Through the reluctant townsfolk you discover that the Archmage Erana and
the paladin Piotyr led an army against a cult determined to summon a Dark One,
Avoozl, into the world.  Erana sacrificed her life in order to trap the Dark One,
but it was not enough.  She and Avoozl are trapped in a world between worlds,
and the dark magic from Avoozl mutates everything in the valley, causing the
dead to rise at night and strange creatures come out of hiding.
To top it off, someone is trying to summon Avoozl again!
You must save the valley and banish Avoozl once and for all.

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