Quest for Glory 1

/user/flamedart.gifFlame Dart- A small ball of fire that can be used for heating things or as an offensive spell.

/user/open.gifOpen- This spell opens non barred doors and chests.

/user/fetch.gifFetch- Makes a magic lasso that can bring a small, nonmoving object to the caster or move small objects to different places.

/user/dazzle.gifErasmus' Razzle Dazzle- Makes a bright flash of light that temporarily blinds an opponent.  Useful in combat.

/user/trigger.gifTrigger- Releases magical energy and sets off spells.  This is useful in disarming chests and traps.  It will also unleash all the energy in a magic staff, causing it to explode and kill anyone near it.

Detect Magic- Shows if there is magic in the area.

/user/calm.gifCalm-  Puts out fires and stops monsters from attacking you (though only before combat).

/user/zap.gifZap- Puts a magical charge on a weapon.  The weapon will do more damage the next time you attack.  After every hit you will have to cast the spell again.

Quest for Glory 2

/user/forcebolt.gifForce Bolt- Makes a magic ball that hurts enemies and moves objects.  Be careful where you aim it since it bounces everywhere.

/user/levitate.gifLevitate- Lets the caster go up and down in the air, though not horizontally.

/user/reversal.gifReversal- Makes a spell cast at you bounce back to the caster.  This doesn't work with area affecting spells like frostbite and dragon fire.

Quest for Glory 3

/user/lights.gifJuggling Lights- Causes several balls of light to appear above the caster's head, lighting up dark places.

/user/staff.gifSummon Staff- Not a true spell, summon staff summons a wizard's magic staff.  The staff will either increase the power of the spell  without using extra mana (qfg3 and 4) or it will give the caster extra mana.

/user/lightningball.gifLighting Ball- Creates a ball of electricity that can be used to short circuit things or hurt enemies.  It costs more mana but does more damage and less monsters are immune to it than flame dart.

Quest for Glory 4

Glide- Lets the caster move across liquid surfaces without touching them.  Useful in swamps, lava pits, and thin ice.  (Only in 4)

/user/aura.gifAura- Protects from special undead attacks like life draining.  Works with wraiths and ghosts in Hades.

/user/frostbite.gifFrostbite- Makes a swirl of cold air, an area affect that harms more than one person.  It can damage enemies or make hot things cool.  With flame dart it can make things brittle.

/user/protection.gifProtection- A layer of protection against physical attacks.

/user/hide.gifHide- Makes the caster invisible as long as he/she stands still.  It is broken once they move.

/user/resistance.gifResistance- Lessens elemental attacks such as fire, lighting, and cold.

Quest for Glory 5

/user/boom.gifBoom- Creates a magical skull bomb that stays in its place until something comes within ten feet of it where it then explodes.

/user/fascination.gifFascination- Makes swirling lights that distract dumb creatures and explode, causing a small amount of damage.

/user/rip.gifRest In Peace (RIP)- Ensures a spell caster eight hours of undisturbed rest in the wilderness.

/user/whirlwind.gifWhirlwind- Makes a vortex of air that holds a person in place and causes slight damage.

/user/nuke.gifThermonuclear Attack- This spell causes all life within twenty five miles to die, leaving the land a wasteland.  This also kills the caster, making it an unpopular spell.

/user/augment.gifAugment- Boosts a wizard's skill in the next spell cast.  This works like zap, it must be cast before each spell to be boosted.

/user/shrink.gifShrink- Makes the target become smaller, decreasing their morale as well as their size.

/user/firstaid.jpgFirst Aid- A minor healing spell useful on yourself or allies.

/user/dragonfire.gifDragon Fire- An area affecting spell, it forms the shape of a dragon that shoots out fire from its mouth.

New Spells

(These spells aren't available in the game, I made them up or made pictures for ones mentioned but unavailable.
This section will be updated with the rest of the site [aka semi-almost-kinda-regularly])

Dragon Frost- Basically the same as dragon fire except it uses extreme cold instead of extreme heat.  (Katrina will use this in the dragon battle in Dragon Fire).

Poison- This spell creates a toxic cloud that will poison anyone who comes in contact with it.  The poison wears away the victim but eventually dissipates.  Higher level versions of the spell make poison that kill the victim if not treated.  This can be used to poison weapons as well.

Fly- Lets the caster fly in the air for as long as his or her mana lasts.  Other actions can also be done while in flight.  (Used by Erana/Katrina in Dragon Fire)

Darkness- Opposite of juggling lights, this spell takes away all light in a certain perimeter for a short period of time.  Useful for getting away from enemies if you know where you are, also highly effective when used before dazzle, it blinds enemies for longer periods of time.  (Used by Leopardmen Shaman in Wages of War)

Shapeshift- This powerful spell transforms the target into a creature the caster has come into contact with before.  Effects are temporary unless a permanent spell is placed on the target afterward.  This can be cast on the caster, but the shape will still remain until the spell wears off.  (Used by Leopardmen in Wages of War, Gypsies in Shadows of Darkness)

  Petrify- Turns the target into stone for a short amount of time unless a permanent spell is placed on the statue afterwards.

Shield- Acts like a protection spell but actually prevents weapons from touching the caster.  This drains the caster's mana every time the spell blocks a hit.

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