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The latest in trends: new, collectible shots of your favorite Quest for Glory characters!  (On sale now, for a limited time!  Warning: exposure has been known to raise psychiatry bills for your children later in life.  Keep away from skin, mouth, or anywhere you want to look good.)  Characters listed here are based off of what happens after the five QfG games and what goes on during All My Heroes: The Winged Paladin, Meetings, and Resurrection.  This will be updated as soon as I make new pictures, so check back every so often!  Any resemblance of characters to persons living or dead is probably because I'm not creative enough to make up people on my own so I had to copy! :(

Devon, the Prince of Shapeir, Hero of Spielburg, Tarna, Mordavia, and Silmaria, fiancé of Katrina, the ex-Dark Master, one of the only "living" vampires on Gloriana today.  Katrina marked him when he was in Mordavia, and since then he has died twice- he went to Hades and offered himself as a sacrifice to the Dragon of Doom, the latter being his cause for undead-ness.  He has saved five lands and is a wizard of medium ability.  (It is thought that if he actually studied magic more he would be one of the greatest wizards of his time.  As it is, adventuring occupies all of his time.)  Born in the town of Willowsby, near Spielburg, Devon currently lives with Katrina on the isle of Zante off of Silmaria.

Katrina, Master of Magic, one of the Dark Masters of Gloriana.  She is engaged to Devon  of Shapeir, though they haven't set a date.  She used to be a vampire who lived in Mordavia, though few knew she was the feared Dark Master.  She tried to summon Avoozl with the help of her vampiric slave, Ad Avis, but sacrificed her life for Devon instead, but not before transferring her "gift" of immortality to the hero.  He later freed her from Hades in Silmaria, where she built her current home on Zante island.  Recently she has drunk of her beau's blood, giving her vampiric benefits without any side effects.  Because he did not bite her, she will not return as a vampire when she dies, she will become a revenant, thirsting for more blood eternally.

King Elsa von Spielburg of Silmaria, Hero of Spielburg and previous Brigand Leader.  As a young child her father, Baron Stefan von Spielburg, angered the ogress Baba Yaga, who cursed him to loose everything he had, and he did: Elsa was taken away by a dragon.  She wound up in a brigand camp, became their leader, and slew the dragon.  Her memory had been erased by the curse, so she had no idea of her true identity until Devon used a dispel potion on her.  Since then she earned the title of Hero of Spielburg by driving the remaining brigand out of the valley.  Her brother, Baron Bernard von Spielburg became baron after their father retired, so Elsa left to find her own mark upon the world.  She went with Minos to compete in the Rites of Rulership in Silmaria and became King of Silmaria after Devon declined the throne.  It is rumored that she is in a relationship with the bard Toma, and that she and Devon are old flames.  Other rumors say that she is a thief and has an active hand in the Thieves' Guild of Silmaria, and that she holds the coveted blackbird.

Toro, the minotaur bodyguard of King Elsa von Spielburg.  He was found as  a calf by the then-Brigand Leader, and has been a fiercely loyal protector to her since.  He accompanied her to Silmaria, where he became the Adventurer Guild's Guildmaster.  He is a master of the mace and axe, and participates in Arena duels frequently.  He helped defeat the Dragon of Doom with Devon, King Elsa, Gort, Katrina, and Pholus.

Trismagister Merlin of Gramarye, seer of the future, keeper of Gramarye's magic and history, Master Bard.  Born Taleisin Ambrosius, he was the son of the King of Gramarye.  When his father died and his uncle took the throne, Taleisin went to Avalon to study magic.  Taleisin became a wizard in Avalon, gaining the title Merlin once the old Merlin died.  He met Morgan le Fay, his distant relative, and Nimue, a faery who became his apprentice.  She stole his knowledge and became a powerful magic user, leaving him powerless.  The Merlin of Gramarye must be a scholar, sorcerer, healer, and bard, and since he had no more magic in him, he left Avalon to study natural lore and bard craft.  Once he had seen the world and returned to Gramarye, he traveled the land, meeting its inhabitants and communing with nature.  He became advisor to the new king, his nephew Artorus, and spoke on behalf of the people of the land and the land itself.  Morgan le Fay was also at the court, and she angered the King by revealing his wife, Gwynhefara, to be in love with another man, the knight Lancelot du Lac.  Artorus banished all magic users from his realm, and the Merlin was forced to roam the land once more.  In his journeys he met Toma, who was studying to be a bard, and took him as his new apprentice, to learn the lore of the land, and eventually become Gramarye's new Merlin.  Recently the two have arrived in Mariana to consult another seer, the Oracle of Delos, on what appears to be another prophecy in the making. 

Toma, bard of the land of Ire, future Merlin of Gramarye.  Toma is apprenticed to  the Merlin of Gramarye, studying both bardcraft and magic.  He will become the next Merlin, and thus must know all sorts of natural lore, as well as the history of Gramarye.  He and his master travel the world, learning as much in each land as possible.  Recently the pair have come to Silmaria to "learn about government" as the Merlin puts it.  Toma has been known to woo many womyn before, and it is said he is courting King Elsa von Spielburg of Silmaria, though none think he is serious.

Magister Erasmus, Archmage Extrordinaire, Wizard of Spielburg and Silmaria.  Erasmus and his familiar Fenrus (or is it the other way around?) are Devon's patrons in the mystical arts.  They helped him in Spielburg by giving him a spell and advice on how to defeat Baba Yaga (since she cheated at cards), became his sponsors at WIT in Shapeir, teleported him from Mordavia to Silmaria, and paid for a room at Gnome Ann's Land Inn, along wih a new spell in Silmaria.  Erasmus was drugged in the Rites of rulership by the scientists in an effort to get rid of all magic users, but Devon restored him with Lethe water.  Recently Erasmus has had the Dreamstone stolen from his house, an artifact that makes people's worst nightmares come true- if only for a short amount of time.  He and Fenrus, along with a party of wizards, were the first victims of the Dreamstone's power, being knocked unconcious after their worst fears came true momentarily. 

Nawar, former lady of Emir Zayishah of Raseir.  Nawar had the "fortune" to be in Raseir  at the time Ad Avis took over.  Due to his dislike of all womyn, she was put into a harem in the Raseirian Palace.  There she met the other members of the harem: Zayishah and her servant Mayzun, Budar, Ruzhat and her servant Dunya, Sulayma, Layla, and Kahla.  She and Budar became close, Nawar saying suggestive phrases and Budar accenting/muting them, depending on the circumstances.  After Devon defeated Ad Avis and Raseir was freed, Nawar and Budar went with Senor Ferrari to Silmaria, to work at the Dead Parrot Inn.  She became a dancer and operated the Wheel-of-Fortune, and Budar became the bartender.  Nawar had her eye on the Prince of Shapeir, but he was already in love with Katrina.  Since she wouldn't become a Princess of Shapeir, Nawar decided to take her future into her owns hands and joined the Chief Thief contest in Silmaria.  She didn't have enough money to stay in the competition, and Ferrari eventually won since the blackbird wasn't found.  Since then she has been looking for ways to stop working for Ferrari, whom she despises.  She worked at Gnome Ann's as a dancer for a short time before her disappearance with Azrael.  After Budar was murdered by the Dark Master Nawar and Azrael went in search of justice.  Skeletons resembling the two were found soon after, suggesting tht the Dark Master had found them.

Princess Ruzhat of Shapeir, Chief Thief of Silmaria.  Ruzhat was visiting Raseir when Ad Avis took over and was forced to stay in the harem (see Nawar).  She and her handmaiden, Dunya, returned to Shapeir when Raseir was freed.  After tolerating her real brother, Bahman, for months she went to the coronation of the new King of Silmaria.  When Ferrari fled the city Ruzhat took over on the position of Chief Thief, having acquired the blackbird for a short amount of time before Ferrari stole it from her during his escape.  She plans on buying the island of Minos and staying in the now-empty manor house there in an effort to get away from Shapeir and Bahman.  Her father, Sultan Harun al-Raschid, has given her many gifts as a sign of his affections, including a magic carpet.

Dunya, handmaiden to Princess Ruzhat of Shapeir.  She follows Ruzhat wherever she 
goes, from the harem of Raseir to Silmaria.  She is said to be a thief, along with her master, though she does the work and Ruzhat gets the rewards.

Reeshaka mar Kreesha, warrior of Tarna, Paladin.  Reeshaka is the daughter of Rasha Rakeesh sah Tarna and Kreesha mar Asha.  She was acting as a warrior of Tarna when she led the peace mission from Tarna to the leopardmen of East Fricana.  The mission was a failure; not only did they not get to speak with the leopardmen, everyone save Reeshaka and Khatib Mukar'ram were killed by demons, and Reeshaka was taken prisoner.  Devon found her trapped in the Lost City in the jungles of East Fricana.  With her help and that of Rakeesh, Uhura, Johari, Yesufu, Harami, and Manu, Devon got past the demon barriers and defeated the Demon Wizard.  Reeshaka returned to Tarna with her father and continued her service to the city.  She went to Silmaria with her mother when the coronation took place.  Since then she has stayed to become a paladin by Rakeesh, gaining the sword Soulforge.

Requin, ambassador of the Sea Folk to Silmaria.  Requin lived at court in Atlantis  for most of his life, coming to Silmaria with Queen Hippolyta for the coronation.  When the blue-plated army invaded Mariana he let everyone in the palace know, causing soldiers from Shapeir, Tarna, and Atlantis to defend the city from ships while the Silmarian soldiers defended the gates.

Calypsokles, soldier of Silmaria.  Calypsokles is acting as the current head of security in Silmaria, normally guarding the Hall of Kings.  He has helped King Elsa numerous times after her coronation, being one of the few guards who does not care if his monarch is a wommon.

 Wolfie, artisan of Silmaria and Punjabi.  Wolfie lived in Punjabi in the land 
of Inja until he was old enough to go out on his own and make a living.  He travelled for a while until he reached Mariana and stayed there, becoming a merchant of the art he created.  Now he longs to return to his homeland, and wishes to fly like the birds.

The Archmage Erana, bane of the Dark One Avoozl, Paladin.  Erana was a peace loving mage many years ago who made magical shelters for those in need.  Her havens were beautiful gardens, providing food, water, and protection from dangers beyond its boundaries.  She disappeared mysteriously and was never heard from again.  That was until Devon, the Prince of Shapeir, found her, trapped by the Dark One in Mordavia.  Eighty years ago she had tried to stop a cult from bringing Avoozl into Gloriana.  With help from the Paladin Piotyr and his army, she found the Chernovy Cult and started to banish the Dak One.  The cultmembers suddenly mutated into horrible creatures and the army almost lost.  Erana banished Avoozl to a world between worlds, but she used her soul to do so, and the Dark One took her with it when it went.  She cast her staff out right before she was imprisoned, and Piotyr carried it back to the town of Mordavia.  Erana and Avoozl lay trapped for years until Devon started summoning Avoozl again.  When the Dark One was back in the world Devon used Erana's Staff to free the archmage's soul, and she sent Avoozl back to his own dimension.  She was still dead, however, and her soul went to Hades.  When Silmaria was attacked by beast men and the blue-plated army, the bard Toma tried to summon help.  He summoned Erana, accidently using the lifeforce of a blue-plated warrior in exchange for her life.  Since he summoned Erana he is bound to her, not able to go far from her side without becomeing sriously ill.

Azrael, Winged One of the Isle of 
the Sacred Mountain in the Land of the Green Isles, paladin-in-training.  Azrael wanted to see the world, he wanted adventure.  He left his homeland and journeyed to Shapeir.  There he met Salim and Julanar, and the Enchantress Aziza.  With their help he went to the Paladin Council of Twelve in Petalumeir to become a paladin.  Lara, the head paladin, gave Azrael three tasks to accomplish: to find the Paladin Piotyr's sword Lightbringer, to find or make a Ring of Truth, and to find the Archmage Erana and her sword, Truthsblade, and return to the Council with proof of his deeds.  Azrael found Piotyr's blade in Mordavia, where he also learned of Erana's death.  After helping the people of the valley and learning about honor, the Winged One left for Silmaria.  There he discovered the blue-plated army which had not yet reached Silmaria, and with the help of Devon, warned the city.  He later disappeared with Nawar when they searched for the Dark Master.  The Dark Master found them, for their skeletons were found drained of all life, a sign of the Dark Master.

Noved, demon wizard.  A demon wizard had used Ad Avis' death energy to return to the world and make a World Gate.  One of the things he made was a demon mirror.  When someone would look into the mirror, a demon counterpart would come alive and attack.  The demon counterpart couldn't be killed as long as the real person was alive.  The Prince of Shapeir and his friends went into the Lost City in an effort to send the demons back to their world.  They encountered the demon mirrors and five counterparts were made.  Devon broke free to kill the demon wizard and destroyed the Gate Orb, sending the demons back to their land.  Somehow, one of the demon mirrors managed to survive the Gate Orb's destruction and let Devon's demon counterpart, Noved, enter Gloriana.  He destroyed the demon mirror, obliterating ay chance for other demons to enter Gloriana or for him to leave it.  His current wherabouts are unknown.

Magnum Opus, Paladin.  Magnum Opus is one of the greatest paladins of the  world, and few know it.  From Nova Roma, the Hesparian became a paladin after gaining fame as a master of warfare.  Thinking that his fame would kill the element of surprise, he kept his status as paladin a secret and acted arrogantly to mask his true self.  In this way he traveled the world, defeating unsuspecting foes.  He journeyed to Silmaria to compete in the Rite of Rulership, along with Elsa von Spielburg and Devon, the Prince of Shapeir.  During the Rites he was attacked by the assassin but managed to get away.  Magnum persuaded Logos to proclaim him dead so that he could track the assassin to his master and hopefully weed out the treacherous contestant in the Rite of Rulsership.  Unfortunately he never got the chance, and after making sure Silmaria was in good hands he traveled North to Jotenheim to battle the blue-plated army which had recently invaded.  He is going under the name "Lisha" at the moment to throw off any pursuers he might have. 

The Prince of Shapeir's balloon, made during the Rites  of Rulership.  Devon made this flying machine to get to Delos Island, and has used it as a means of transport since.  He flew it in the Battle of the Beasts with King Elsa von Spielburg, situating himself to cast a thermonuclear attack.  King Elsa left him there and returned to Silmaria before he cast the spell.  Unfortunately she was caught on the edge of the blast and she and balloon went crashing to the ground.

A boat.  Boats are used in Mariana to 
transport people and goods to and from islands, and to harbors.  The Dark Master stole Senor Ferrari's getaway boat, the Dark Mistress, and used it to escape Silmaria, taking Ferrari with him.

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