Tada! You've reached my fabulous writing page! This is where I archive the Quest for Glory related stories I've written or am writing. Check back occasionally to see if I've updated.

Hey!  I have something new here!  Now, you can see the characters
in my story as well as read about them!  (Note: characters do not actually 
look anything like Bibbi's pictures.  It's the best he can do, please go 
along with him, he tries-Hubert)
All My Heroes Characters

Now without further ado, I give you my first story: 

Quest for Glory: All my Heroes

All My Heroes deals with events during and after the last two games of the series, ending with the answer of Gloriana's greatest mystery: the secret of the blackbird! This is now finished and in four parts, with a mini-plot thrown in. My next story, Quest for Glory: Rite to Rule (or How I Saved the World. Again.) will be the next (and last) thing on this page. However, that is still in the develpoing stage and might not be posted here for some time. I will post portions of it on the message boards in my links section if you want to read them before I archive them here. Enjoy!

Part 1: The Winged Paladin

  Part 2: Meetings

Part 3: Resurrection

The Princess, the Pirate, and the King

Part 4: Beginning of the End(NOW UP!)