Thief Supplies

Any good thief needs tools of the trade to survive.  No matter how good a sneaker,
the thief can't open that lock without some kind of picklock.  Sheer cliff walls can't be climbed by hand,
you need a rope and grapnel.  Most Thieves Guilds will be happy to sell you such materials,
or some unknowing merchant will sell you exactly what you need to steal from under his very nose.
The following is a list of things the thief can use in his quest for cash.

The lockpick is the basic thief tool.  Without it you're just someone sneaking around at night and getting laughed at.  When you get a chance upgrade the lockpick for a toolkit.

The toolkit is the main gadget thieves use.  It can unlock any lock (provided it's not barred on the other side) and disarm the toughest traps.  Buy one as soon as possible.  It can make you money to buy more thief things.  The Acme Mark II Toolkit is one of the best in the world, it is recommended more than any other brand of toolkit.

A thieves license is always good if you want to be able to fence the things you have stolen, or don't want to be ratted on.  They're available at the local thieves guild.

All thieves make mistakes once and a while.  You'll need something to defend yourself with if it comes down to fighting.  There's the traditional dagger, and the fancier magic dagger.  These can also be used for throwing in a game of chance, like Dag-Nab-It or the Wheel-of-Fortune.
Assassins prefer  poisoned daggers; one hit and their victim is dead.  Most thieves try to stay away from poisoned daggers and their owners, lest they get on the wrong side of the blade.

And if you plan on getting caught, better bring some leather armor with you.  It won't hamper your abilities or make noise, but it can protect you from those unwanted sword points.

What happens if that building you're robbing only has one way in: a window on the roof?  That's where the rope n' grapnel come in.  Tie the handy grapnel (preferably magic) to a rope and up you go!

Oil is good for stopping those unpleasant squeaks before they begin.  Silence is essential in this line of business, so you'd better be stocked up with oil!  It also de-rusts those annoying hinges that just won't move.

Torches are handy when you're sneaking around in the dark and don't want a stubbed toe.  Just remember not to light them when others can see them.

You'll need a tinderbox to light the torch!

The blackjack is one of my favorite tools.  It knocks out unsuspecting bystanders, allowing you to rob them without confrontation.  Make sure you have high stealth and offense before attempting to knock someone out, it takes precision and sneakiness to be successful.

The pickpocket knife is extremely useful for those who want to make some easy money.  The knife will cut a person's clothes and catch the money that pours out of his or her pocket.  Make sure your pickpocketing skill is high before trying it on people.  Thieves Guilds will have dummies for practice.

The most important part of thievery, the loot!  The reason we go out and borrow from others!  Most items you find can be fenced at the local guild for cash, some can be given away as presents (as long as the receiver doesn't mind getting caught and put in jail).

Okay, I lied when I said the loot was the most important.  The blackbird is.  What every thief dreams of getting his hands on, the blackbird can make or break you.  You'll be the most successful thief if you get it, you'll be the laughingstock of the trade if you spend your life searching for it and never getting it, or worse, getting it then having it stolen from you by the person who gave it to you.  The blackbird will automatically make a contender for Chief Thief win the contest.  Many fakes have been found, but only one real one exists.  Click HERE to find out why everyone wants the bird so badly.

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