Great Wizards
Gloriana hosts many magic users and magicians.  When someone starts out learning magic, they are a magic user.  After learning (and mastering) nine spells magic users go to Shapeir to find WIT, the Wizard's Institute of Technocery, to become a wizard.  (Sorcerers, enchanters, and magicians are those who specialize in some field of research)

There s/he must choose a sponsor and pass a pre-test using only three spells.  Then the applicant walks the Path of Wizardry, facing Air, Earth, Water, and Fire.  Finally, s/he must pledge his/her next twenty years to learning spells to become a full wizard.  Those who choose not to spend much of their life in study are considered wizard initiates and can come back at any time to complete their training.  It is customary to receive a spell from the sponsor as a graduation present.

The following people are mages and wizards of varying levels of power:

The Wizard, one of three character classes you can choose to be.  You start out as a magic user and save Spielburg from Baba Yaga's curse.  Traveling with Shema, Shameen, and Abdulla Doo, the magic user visits Shapeir and becomes initiated into WIT.  He chooses to stay in the real world for a while, and so becomes a Wizard Initiate.  He journeys to Tarna, makes a magic staff, and learns magic from the shape changing Leopardmen.  He is teleported to Mordavia, and learns spells from both Erana and the Dark Master.  Finally, our hero goes to Silmaria and masters many new spells.  He also meets some of his magical friends from past adventures.  He can choose to become a Magician-King akin to Suleiman ben Daoud or simply another great mage.  He can also marry one of two wizards if he chooses.

Zara, the half-Faerie Folk Magic Shop owner of Spielburg.  Zara has a flair for the theatrical- she likes showing off her powers to customers.  She sells flame dart, open, and fetch, along with expensive potions that the Healer will sell for less.  Damiano is Zara's familiar, a winged homunculus who shares her spirit of secrecy.

Erasmus and his familiar Fenrus (or is that the other way?).  They live on Zauberberg Mountain in Spielburg.  They also have a winter home in Silmaria.  Erasmus met the hero in Spielburg and played Mage's Maze with him, rewarding the young adventurer with the dazzle spell.  The Archmage extrordinaire was also seen in Trial by Fire when the hero chose Erasmus as his mentor in WIT.  Erasmus gave the hero the reversal spell as a graduation present.  The pair made another appearance in Shadows of Darkness when they teleported the Prince of Shapeir from Mordavia to their winter home in Silmaria.  This time the hero is taught the whirlwind spell and saves Erasmus from a drug induced sleep.

The kobold, reluctant relative of dwarves.  The Kobold magic user in Spielburg is the first magic-wielding foe the hero will face.  The kobold has captured the Baronet and the young adventurer must defeat him to break Baba Yaga's curse.  The kobold magic user knows the reversal spell and lightning bolt, and other, more powerful spells like shapechanging.  He has a stash of treasure the hero should look for.

Ah!  Baba Yaga the evil ogress!  This witch has placed a curse on Baron von Spielburg and his kin.  He lost everything held dear to him, mainly his children, Barnard and Elsa.  A countercurse prophecies a hero coming to Spielburg and forcing Baba to flee the land.  That hero could be you!  Of course, the problem is that whenever you get near Baba she turns you into a frog...

Keapon Laffin, Mage of Air.  Keapon is the gnomish owner of Shapeir's magic  shop.   He has a typical gnome's attitude; he loves pranks and jokes.  Keep your temper around him, for he sells many useful spells and has valuable information.  Keapon specializes in air, so he will be a great asset in fighting the air elemental.

Aziza, Enchantress of Water. Aziza deals mainly with divination spells and spells dealing with water. Though she lives in the middle of a desert, her aquatic powers are in no way diminished; rather, she is a most powerful and gentle mage. Aziza lauds manners over most other things, so act politely around her or face the consequences. She holds much knowledge, and you can ask her about the elementals in general, or individuals. She gives advice and points you in the right direction during your time in Shapeir.

The wizards of WIT, powerful men who represent the four elements: fire, air, water, and earth. They rule the Wizard's Institue of Technocery and give you the entrance tests. If you pass, they let you stay on to study; in 15-20 years you can become a great wizard like them! Of course, heroes have other things to worry about, so you might want to consider your options carefully.

Ad Avis, dark enchanter. This vizier has taken control over all of Raseir, deposing the rightful Emir and replacing him with a puppet. Now, he sends elementals to Shapeir in search of a hero who will find Iblis the Destroyer. With Iblis, Ad Avis will rule the world! Hmwahahahaha! Ahem. Actually, your job is to stop him, twice. Yes, twice. He's so bad he just won't stay down. Ad is the archvillain of any good hero, especially of a fellow spellcaster.

Kreesha, Mother of Magic. Kreesha is the only liontaur in Tarna allowed to pratice magic, and her house/workshop is the only area where magic may be performed. Kreesha represents the mystical voice of Tarna, serving on the Council. She is married to Rakeesh, but as he wanders the world, she rarely sees him. She will help the wizard create a magical staff if he brings her magic wood. She specializes in travel and communication magic and will help fight the demon threat against Tarna. Her son, Shakra, is also a wizard, though he lives in Silmaria.

Johari, magical princess. She is the daughter of the leader of the Leopardmen, and wields great magic. She, like all Leopardmen, use magic in their daily lives and can shapechange into leopard creatures with a ritual. She will teach the hero a spell if he is nice to her, and shares something else with him. After her father dies, she becomes the leader of the Leopardmen, and when she marries Yesufu, the Simbani leader, the two tribes join.

The Leopardman leader, master of magic. Johari's father rules the Leopardmen. He mourns the disappearance of the tribe's Drum of Magic and will be grateful to the person who returns the Drum to him.

The Shaman, strongest spellcaster of the Leopardmen. He challenges a wizard to a duel to prove the hero's worth, and may resort to drastic measures. He knows a wide range of spells and how to use them to his advantage, but an equally crafty wizard can bet him at his own game.

The Demon Wizard, bane of humanity. Once defeated by Rakeesh, this demon is back with a vengence: he's out to wreak havoc on all of Tarna. By manipulating the Simbani and Leopardmen, the wizard will incite a war with enough death to bring his Demon Master into this universe. His demonic magics must be stopped before the Master comes through!

Katrina, the Dark Master. This seemingly innocent peasant girl is in actuality one of the world's most powerful living- er, dead spellcasters. As Dark Master, Katrina has access to some of the most powerful dark magic, and may be the strongest wizard around. She was kicked out of WIT years ago when she started her evil path, but there's still a chance to redeem her. She holds sway over many things, however, including a past foe and eventually the hero himself.

Magda, dreamer of secrets. Gypsies are a magical folk, and the ones living in Mordavia are no exception. Magda leads her "pack" near the edge of the valley and acts as a fortuneteller to those with money. Her people can change their shapes to fit that of a wolf, inspiring fear in people who don't realize that the gypsies wouldn't hurt an innocent.

Tatiana, Queen of the Faery Folk. A distant relative of Erana, Queen Tatiana wants the staff guarding Mordavia from harm for her own gain, and the wizard must face her if he wishes to succeed in his own quest. The Queen also holds an important Dark One Ritual.

The Archmage Erana, protector of Goodness. Erana has been lost for many years now, and no amount of divination can find her. During the wizard's stay in Mordavia, we learn that long ago Erana helped the paladin Piotyr banish the Dark One from the world, but she herself died during that attempt. Her soul was caught in Limbo along with the sleeping Avoozl, and it will take her staff to release her to Hades. Her beautiful gardens have always been a source of protection and comfort for many in distant lands, including our hero.

The Wizard Shakra, Maker of Magic. Shakra lives in Silmaria since the liontaurs of his homeland don't accept male liontaurs taking up the craft. He owns the magic shop there and sells a variety of things, including spells and enchanted objects, his specialization. After apprenticeing with his mother, Kreesha, and Aziza, Shakra decided to pursue enchantment, a practical profession for a magic shop owner. He helps the hero with all things magical and will summon the wizard a new staff.

Arcane centaur soldiers. These menaces to society give a bad name to magic users in general. Working for General Claudius and the Hesparian mercenaries, these centaurs cast spells at the peaceful tritons and cause chaos to helpful heroes. Though these wizards dont have a large repetoire of spells, don't underestimate them; their mana is practically limitless. They have good treasure on them, so a wizard might not want to simply trigger their staves.

Queen Hippolyta of Atlantis, ruler of the waves. Hippolyta rules the Sea Folk of Atlantis, the civilization which years ago fled the dark dragon of doom by sinking below the sea. Now, the transformed populace stays clear of land dwellers and has recently started a war with Silmaria, claiming to have been attacked without provocation. The tritons can cast spells and know how to fight underwater, but the hero doesn't truly need to fight these angered merpeople. He should find a peaceful solution to the problem.

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